La batteria di HONOR Magic5 Lite si aggiudica il primo posto nella classifica globale di DXOMARK thumbnail

HONOR Magic5 Lite battery takes first place in DXOMARK global ranking

HONOR, a global technology brand, continues to push the boundaries of innovation with the smartphone HONOR Magic5 Lite. Thanks to the performance of his drumsthe device classified itself in first place, globally, in the DXOMARK ranking. It is a world-leading quality assessment laboratory, thus consolidating its position as the best choice for consumers looking for a reliable and performing device.

The HONOR Magic5 Lite battery is made of innovation and attention to detail

HONOR’s focus on hardware innovation in the new HONOR Magic5 Lite it is more evident than ever. The company has developed a new high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy for the center bezel plates. This component has undergone tens of thousands of tests, including bending, drop, strength, impact and usage tests.

The weight of the central bezels has been reduced by 4 grams and the thickness decreased by 15%. This allows you to get a device extremely light, resistant and compact.Even the energy density of Magic5 Lite is absolutely unmatched. Despite having a battery that is 3% thinner than typical energy density batteries, the phone performs excellently.

The device’s high-density PCB layout increases the overall utilization rate by 5%. Also, the battery layout has been optimized for maximize space and reduce thickness. HONOR has struck a perfect balance between performance and space utilization by optimizing the antenna layout. In a small and slim device, HONOR has managed to incorporate a 5100mAh batteryproof of the company’s engineering prowess.

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Advances also in the software by HONOR

In addition to hardware optimization, HONOR has also made significant progress in the software. It has implemented features that work together to preserve battery life. Between these, l’Intelligent Chip Scheduling, l’Application Process-Level Control, la Smart Network Selection e l’Abnormal Power Consumption Management. These functions help reduce battery consumption even when the user is not actively using the phone, offering a unique and unparalleled experience.

The recognition of DXOMARK through tests

Specifically, DXOMARK recognized the outstanding battery performance of HONOR Magic5 Lite. The laboratory has assigned the smartphone a total score of 152, placing it in first place in the global ranking.

Rigorous tests conducted by DXOMARK have confirmed the outstanding battery performance of HONOR Magic5 Lite. The lab conducted four tests, including a typical usage scenario, a moving outdoor test, a calibration test, and a charging test.

The tests were performed using robots that imitate human gestures and were designed to simulate real use, identifying how an average user uses them. The results confirmed the outstanding autonomy of HONOR Magic5 Lite, with over 3 full days of moderate use. HONOR Magic5 Lite is part of the HONOR Magic5 smartphone series which will be presented at MWC 2023 in Barcelona.

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