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Best smart coffee machines with app | February 2023

In this guide we will go to see the best smart coffee machines equipped with apps to control them with our mobile phone

Choosing a coffee machine is never easy. In addition to the economic side, there are many factors to take into consideration. One of the main ones, and perhaps even the most important, is that which concerns the type of coffee to be used. As we all know by now, there are machines that they only work with podsothers that instead foresee the use of certain capsules and then there are the classic ones that work with ground coffee or directly with the beans. Speaking of this, we suggest you take a look at the CaffèBarbera store where you can find a range of products, from ground coffee to beans, from capsules to pods, at an excellent price.

Some are even able to grind the coffee at the time of commissioning, however give a more decisive flavor to your drink. But how do you know which is better among all these methods? First of all, it will be necessary to evaluate many factors; however, although there is no precise answer, what is certainly the most important, at least in our opinion at, is personal taste. Now let’s see which are the best smart coffee machines equipped with apps. Before continuing, however, we want to point out that the order in which they will be listed is given only by their increasing price.

Best smart coffee machines with app |  February 2023

Best smart coffee machines with apps

The first is the Krups Vertuo Next XN910N of Nespresso. This machine is equipped with very small dimensions, which make it great for small apartments or for those who have little space inside the house. Use a new delivery system based on Centrifusion technology: by reading the barcode on the capsule the machine automatically sets the extraction parameters for each blend and dispenses the coffee with infusion and centrifugal force. Features a 1 L tank and turns off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity.

It is certainly one of the best known on the market A Modo Mio Voicy by Lavazza. This coffee machine, in addition to being equipped with app control, can be directly controlled also through voice commands. You can also personalize your experience. Thanks to the appropriate app, you can select the length and temperature of your espressos, so as to get the one that best suits your needs. It is equipped with a comfortable 1.1L tank which will guarantee you lots of coffees without having to refill the water.

Now let’s move on to Philips and more precisely to a model of the 3200 seriesi.e. theEP3546/70. Contrary to the previous ones, this coffee machine works directly with the beans, being equipped with a ceramic coffee grinder with 12 grind settings. On the front we find an easy and intuitive touch display that will allow you to select the various settings easily. If that doesn’t suit you, you can still use the app on your smartphone. In the tank finds accommodation then also a filter to purify watervery useful to avoid the formation of limescale.

Dinamica Plus Perfect ECAM370.85.SB is the proposal of De’Longhi to its competitors. This machine is also equipped with a system for grinding the coffee beans, thus giving each cup a more intense flavor. The extraction unit doses and compacts the coffee for an optimal infusion. To improve hygiene, the latter is easily removable and washable with water. With a 1.8 L tank capacity you can also forget about running out of water even when you prepare many coffees at the same time.

The latest proposal is Barista T Smart from Melitta. Like its direct competitors, the latter is also equipped with a coffee grinder to give you a more intense taste during your experience. Thanks to the appropriate app you will be able to prepare 18 types of coffee. Everyone will therefore be able to enjoy a unique experience with a coffee that reflects their personal taste. Also in this case we find a 1.8L tank completely removable and a two-chamber bean containerfor better conservation of the coffee.

Happy coffee everyone

That’s all for this guide on the best smart coffee machines with apps. What do you think of these five models? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further guides and news regarding the electronic and technological universe, keep following the pages of!

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