Honor unveils the Smartphones of the Future at IFA 2023 in Berlin

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During IFA 2023, HONOR presented its strategic vision for the future of smartphones. During the press conference – entitled “Unfold Tomorrow” – the CEO of HONOR, George Zhao, reaffirmed the brand’s determination to make foldable smartphones an everyday reality, thanks to the latest innovations designed to improve the user experience. A perfect example of this is the Magic V2, HONOR’s lightest and thinnest foldable smartphone. The brand also unveiled l’HONOR V Pursea new model that redefines the concept of foldable smartphone, making it wearable like a trendy bag and thus offering endless possibilities for style and personal expression.

Honor a IFA 2023: reveal the New Frontier of Hi-Tech Applied to Fashion

HONOR contributes to shaping future lifestyles and presents l’HONOR V Pursean unprecedented concept of “Phone-to-Purse” ushering in the era of electronic devices seen as an entirely new category of trendy and stylish consumer products, offering unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

The HONOR V Purse transforms the folding smartphone concept into the ultimate fashion statement “phy-gital”thanks to a series of always-on (AOD) and customizable displays that reproduce the design of a bag, including all the characteristic elements such as chains, accessories and tassels, which react and move in sync with the movement of the smartphone.

The device is also compatible with a wide range of interchangeable straps and chains, which attach to the zipper and allow the smartphone to be worn easily over the shoulder, just like a normal handbag, allowing it to become the first true hi-tech bag in the future.

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Designed with sustainability at the heart of the development project, the HONOR V Purse represents HONOR’s commitment to the environment. In addition to being made with materials of sustainable origin – such as vegan leather for its straps – thanks to the infinitely customizable AODs it is easy to combine with any type of outfit. As the fashion industry moves from the physical world to a more digital one, technology opens up unlimited possibilities for style and self-expression.

IFA 2023, Global Preview presentation of the HONOR Magic V2

During IFA 2023, HONOR also unveiled its new flagship foldable smartphone for the first time, l’HONOR Magic V2, which perfectly illustrates the company’s vision, which has set itself the goal of reviewing industry standards by making significant improvements in terms of form factor, battery, display and user experience.

HONOR Magic V2 is HONOR’s lightest and thinnest foldable smartphone ever, it weighs only 231 grams and has a thickness of suns 9,9 mm when folded. It is equipped with a new generation of silicon-carbon batteries with an average thickness of only 2.72 mm and which reach a high capacity of 5,000mAh while maintaining dimensions that can be inserted inside the thin and light body of this foldable smartphone.

The HONOR Magic V2 features a set of three cameras rear which includes a 50MP (f/1.9) main camera, a 50MP (f/2.0) ultra-wide angle and a 20MP (f/2.4) telephoto camera. The two front cameras are both 16MP (f/2.2).

La Captivating Peacock Blue Limited Edition

Honor 90

HONOR will present its extraordinary new camera in Berlin Limited Edition Peacock Blue for the series HONOR 90 in European markets. This chromatic choice, inspired by the vibrant colors of peacock tail, beautifully intertwines the elegance of nature with technology.

It’s not just about color, but about embody vision and spirituality, qualities historically associated with the peacock. The limited edition Peacock Blue offers users more than just a phone; presents aart opera that combines beauty and functionality. The HONOR 90 series continues its tradition of offering a user experience of the highest level, thanks to state-of-the-art hardware and software.

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