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Venice Film Festival 2023: Poor Creatures! by Yorgos Lanthimos triumph of applause

On the day of the presentation at the Venice Film Festival 2023; the film Poor Creature triumphs! directed by director Yorgos Lanthimos. With actress Emma Stone, a visionary and fantastic film about the sense of freedom and courage

Yorgos Lanthimos it doesn’t disappoint this time either. The new movie Poor Creatures! was greeted by a triumph of applause in the exclusive screening at the Venice Film Festival 2023.

An intense and engaging drama, starring the extraordinary Emma Stone. Amidst standing ovations, rave reviews and global attention; the young Stone has conquered the spotlight for the clothes of the young Bella Baxter, a visionary and courageous young woman in search of her own freedom and being. After the success of The favourite, which earned the Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize in 2018; the Greek director and the young Oscar-winning actress return to the Lido in an unmissable feature film, scheduled for theaters January 25 distributed and The Walt Disney Company Italia.

Venice Film Festival 2023: the plot and the cast on the new film by Yorgos Lanthimos

Poor Creatures! it is the director’s eighth film Yorgos Lanthimos, based on the book of the same name (also illustrated) by Alasdair Gray. Along with the script for the hand of Tony McNamara (already known for his collaboration in The Favorite and in Cruella); Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) takes shape on the big screen in the female role in the myth of Frankenstein.

To accompany her in this transformation process, will be the actor Willem Dafoeas the disfigured and brilliant scientist Godwin Baxter. She brought back to life thanks to a brain transplant, after having touched death firsthand; the young Bella in her purity and childlike naivety, she will begin to feel the need to savor the freedom and the wonders of the outside world. Far from the prejudices of the timeafter eloping with vicious libertine lawyer Duncan Wedderburn (played by Mark Ruffalo); It will be beautiful ready to defend and know the sense of equality and emancipation.

The film Poor Creatures! Of Yorgos Lanthimosis in competition for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2023.

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