Honor X7 and Honor X8: which smartphone to choose?

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Honor has launched two really interesting cheap smartphones on the market: Honor X7 e Honor X8. During our daily tests, they both convinced us for the price (209,90 euro the first is 259,90 euro the second): they offer everything you need and a little more in this range. But while Honor X7 and Honor X8 have a lot in common, they also have some important differences: which one to choose? It depends on what you are looking for in a smartphone (and how much you want to spend). In this article, we try to help you choose.

The differences between Honor X7 and Honor X8: which one to choose?

Honor wanted to launch two devices in an increasingly interesting market segment. Cheap smartphones are becoming more and more competitiveasking for compromises that are all in all acceptable to stay under 300 euros.

Some of the technologies developed by Honor (for example charging or software features) are identical in the two smartphones. But the company wanted clearly distinguish the two smartphonesstarting from the design (but not only).

Design, two different styles

The first to arrive on the market (even if Honor has given us the opportunity to experience them side by side) is Honor X8, which however seems to be the most modern of the two smartphones. THE squared outlines profile of the smartphone and the bump for the camera in the upper left trace some of the traits of the iPhone that we prefer. But the real touch of class are dimensions and weight.

In fact, this smartphone, even with a large screen, has a thickness of only 7.45mm and 177g. It is definitely smaller in the hand and pocket than the large 6.7-inch diagonal would dictate.

Smooth finishes may not appeal to everyone, as they hold fingerprints more than we would like. But the colors are modern and pleasant. And above all the construction seems to us to be really well made: it’s tough yet so thin.

Honor X7 has more generous dimensions, even if not excessive for the category. In fact it has a thickness of 8.6mm and weighs 198 grams. The edges are curved for ease of grip, the glossy finish holds accents that make it harder to notice fingerprints. In general, however, the design is more dated, especially for those like us who see many smartphones. But the structure is just as solid, you don’t have to worry.

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Both smartphones have the fingerprint reader on the power button (works great on both). They then have the entrance USB-C and the always welcome entrance 3.5mm jack.

Large, bright screens

Honor has decided to mount large display panels on both smartphones, saving something in terms of resolution, especially for the X7. But they both have the 90Hz refresh rate, great news.

Honor X8 has a panel 6.7 inch IPS LCD with 2388 x 1080 resolution. On the other hand, the X7 model is slightly larger a 6.74 in but with a resolution HD + and 1600 x 720. A difference that is hardly noticeable in everyday use, but watching movies and TV series in streaming instead you hear more. The quality of the X7 is good, but that of the X8 is worth the price difference.

Honor has also worked well on the softwarewith different modes for eye protection, the ability to adjust the color palette and more (such as eBook mode).

Performance in line with the price

As for the processor, we find on both one Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G. Which is not the type of processor for those who want to experience graphically dense games (a la Genshin Impact, for example). But it does its job if you just text, browse online, and stream content.

Honor X8 has 6GB of memorywhile Honor X7 ne ha 4. Both can use 2GB in “RAM Turbo”, which uses flash memory to improve performance. The difference when testing the products can be felt how stressful you put the system, but for most users, multitasking will be possible with both.

Differences between Honor X7 and X8: the camera

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The differences between Honor X7 and X8 are felt when it comes to the camera. Although three out of four cameras (and even the selfie camera) have similar characteristics: 5MP ultra-wide, macro and 2MP depth sensor.

In fact, you will almost always use the main sensor, a 48MP wide angle per Honor X7 and one from 64MP for X8. The other cameras are good support but only give enough shots in optimal lighting conditions. While the two main ones impressed us positively.

Particularly in sunlight, however, the difference in the number of pixels is noticeable. Honor X8 captures better defined images e with more realistic colors, while X7 pays less. The difference is already noticeable from the screens, but looking on the PC screen, the differences between the shots of Honor X7 and those of Honor X8 become clearer. However, both should be good on social networks, even if they don’t shine. Instead we liked Honor’s softwaresimple to use and does not balance images too much with AI.

The selfie camera per both are 16MP and takes good shots, even if not particularly dynamic. Excellent for video calls instead.

Battery and autonomy

Honor has put in his X8 a 4,000mAh battery, despite being so subtle. With a processor like Snapdragon 680, which does not shine for performance but has great efficiency, even using the smartphone intensively you will arrive with over the 30% battery in the evening. With more limited use, you can get up to two days away from the outlet.

I 5.000mAh di Honor X7 instead they ensure two days of work even if you use it as much as we do during the tests. The autonomy of this smartphone is simply excellent, so much so that beats the ‘older’ brother by 5-6 hours.

They both have one 22.5W charging, which allows you to get a few hours of autonomy even with 10 minutes of charging. Honor X7 takes about an hour and a half to go from 0 to 100%, while Honor X8 earns about a quarter of an hour (due to the less capacious battery).

Differences between Honor X7 and X8: which smartphone to choose?

Honor’s two new smartphones have a lot in common. They both have the same processor. Both exploit Magic UI 4.2based on Android 11 (but 12 is coming), which guarantees you worry-free use at a low price.

Honor X7 has on its side a lower price (209.90 euros) and a higher autonomy. It also has slightly lower performance than its big brother: system RAM management it doesn’t make 2GB less an insurmountable problem.

Honor X8 however has a more modern design and a significantly lower weight: it is one of the lightest smartphones in circulation with such a large screen. Higher quality screen and better camera are definitely worth the price difference.

Both smartphones are recommended and meet similar needs. If you want to save money a few tens of euros for a solid product and from great autonomy, Honor X7 is for you (find it here). Instead who wants a lighter designone screen brighter and shots a little more detailed, should choose Honor X8 (found here). But know that you will have to spend around 50 euros more (even if it is worth it all).

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