Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

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Let’s find out together, in this short guide, which are the best skills to unlock immediately in Horizon Forbidden West: a riot of possibilities, where to start?

Hugely acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Horizon Forbidden West recently arrived as a Sony PlayStation exclusive on PS4 and PS5, and we are working hard to bring you our review as soon as possible. Meanwhile, after an excellent first chapter dated now in 2017 and which had managed to excite anyone and create what Sony has always wanted to be an icon, Aloy is back in great shape and with a new adventure. Traveling in boundless lands, destroying gigantic machines to collect materials, climbing steep slopes: Forbidden West has everything we’ve been able to appreciate about Zero Dawnand maybe even a little more.

Before starting

In this short guide, dedicated to newbies to the title, we want to devote ourselves more deeply to Aloy’s skills and which ones are best to unlock from the early stages of Horizon Forbidden West. First, however, we want to give you an overview of the six classes made available by Guerrilla Games in this sequel, each including its own specific skill tree, rather vast and varied. Starting from a brief description of each class, we will then go into it by giving you an idea on where to start: which tree, which skill, which road. We obviously remind you, as always in the case of these guides, that the direction in which we will point is not necessarily the most correct. It will then be up to you to find out what your favorite style of play is. That said, let’s get started!

The six classes | Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

As mentioned in the last paragraph, there are six different classes in Horizon Forbidden West with each a specific skill tree. Let’s see them together:

  • Warrior [31]: The “Huntress” class will allow you to unlock a large amount of melee techniques, to be combined with other Aloy skills. If you are going to use the spear very often, you should definitely start with the skills of this class.
  • Trapping machine [20]: As the name suggests, the “Trapper” class will allow you to unlock skills based on building and placing specific traps to fight machines.
  • Huntress [29]: the skills of the “Huntress” class are dedicated to the enhancement of the bow, the primary weapon in your fight against the Machines, and will allow you to make it a real war machine with a vast amount of attacks and ranged upgrades.
  • Survivor [29]: a class, that of the “Survivor”, dedicated to all those who will spend hours collecting resources and tools around the game map. It guarantees a good level of maximum health and an increase in agility and speed.
  • infiltrator [27]: The Infiltrator class allows you to greatly improve Aloy’s stealth capabilities, to hit the Machines where they least expect it.
  • Machine Expert [26]: a class dedicated to all those who want to get in greater contact with the Machines during the game experience. Whether it’s to increase the Override time or to increase the damage dealt to individual parts, this class is dedicated to you.

Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

Where to start? | Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

After the general overview of the various classes of Horizon Forbidden West, let’s now move on to what, in our opinion, are the best skills to unlock from the early stages of the game. Each class has at its disposal the number of skills that you find written immediately after its name, for a total of 162 unlockable skills during the adventure. You can complete it 100%, of course, as the hours of play go on, but how do you start? Simply start from a specific class (at most two), and specialize.

In our opinion, the best to start with is definitely that of the Huntress, especially from the skills that enhance and improve the amount of Concentration. This bar is the one that is consumed when Aloy, bow in hand, “concentrates”, precisely, to shoot with greater precision. The “Concentration +” skill will allow you 50% more time, which will surely give you a incredible advantage in combat when you are targeted by agile machines and in large numbers, guaranteeing you the chance to get that perfect shot to kill them.

Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

You need to “concentrate” | Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

Continuing you can unlock other skills related to Concentration, such as “Deep Concentration” or “Concentration Regeneration”, among many others. We are a bit monothematic, we realize this, but considering that Aloy’s main skill is shooting arrows, in our opinion it seemed appropriate to start by following his playstyle. Then, of course, it depends on yours!

A final piece of advice that we would like to give you is rather simple, but functional. As in most open world games, where large amounts of skill points are obtained, especially in the final stages of the game, it could be useful initially aim to unlock the first skills of each class. It is undeniable that in this way Aloy can have a solid base of upgrades and skills useful in the early stages of the game, and then leave the player the possibility to choose where and how to proceed.

Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best skills

Have fun!

Here ends our guide on the best skills to unlock right now in Horizon Forbidden West. Let us know what you think of the new Guerrilla Games title below in the comments, and let us know what your first skills were unlocked, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews themed gaming and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!