Horizon Forbidden West: how to get the diving mask

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Unlike the first chapter, Forbidden West allows you to explore the depths of the sea by diversifying the gameplay. So let’s see how to get the diving mask in the new Horizon Forbidden West

If you bought the game from day one and are already exploring the new territories of the Forbidden West, you will have noticed how, by going on in the adventure you can explore different places underwater. You may have noticed, however, as happens in all games that involve situations of this type, that yours time underwater And limited from the consumption of oxygen. For this you are surely wondering how to get the profit mask for marine explorations in Horizon Forbidden West.

A new horizon

Don’t worry, in this article we’re going to find out how stretch noticeably the time spent underwater finding the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West. As mentioned, you will have noticed right away that by exploring some caves in the very early stages of the game you will not be able to access some secret areas. This is due to the lack of a key item. The item in question is precisely the mask for the diving. This object allows you to breathe every time you dive underwater, be it caves submerged or big by flavor Caribbean.

Horizon Forbidden West: how to get the diving mask

New Gameplay Opportunities – How to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West

So you can get this very useful object addressing the numerous main missions of the game. In particular, the quest in which you will come into possession of the item is titled “Sea of Sands“And is located more or less at a half of history. The aforementioned mission sees Aloy cross the desert with the aim of finding an artificial intelligence called Poseidon. Upon reaching the destination, Aloy discovers that He can not more continue due to a flood. Aloy must therefore think of a other way to reach Poseidon, and this is where ours comes into play mask.

Horizon Forbidden West: how to get the diving mask

A breath of fresh air – How to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West

And receive targets that the game requires you to complete the quest Sea of Sandconcern the to collect the items necessary for the crafting of the mask. The good news is that nobody Of these And particularly difficult to find. The first object is the Compressed Air Capsule. You can find it just below the submerged surface of the area you were traveling to. Nothing easier. Once you have the Capsule, you will need to prepare for one short hunting trip.

Horizon Forbidden West: how to get the diving mask

Mechanical Animals – How to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West

You will notice at this point that the‘indicator that updates us i details of the missions will direct us to an area inhabited by one mandria of machines. To complete the goal you will have to take them all out how much it is the cars. It shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you are hard enough leveled. Once you beat the cars and collected their respective lootyou will have everything you need to craft the coveted mask. Now go back to Work station (which will be marked on the map as the goal of your quest) and finally create the mask that will allow you to breathe underwater.

Horizon Forbidden West: how to get the diving mask

Beautiful beaches and deep oceans

Completed all targetsyou will notice that you will have the item in your inventory permanently. You can now use the mask to immerse yourself in every body of water Of Horizon Forbidden West. Plus you can do something healthy backtracking revisiting areas that you had previously left out. Finally, you will only have to to complete the rest of the main mission to find out the rest of the sea ​​depths. If you want to discover others details on the game, read our other guides. At this point we just have to wish youas well as pleasant dives, also a pleasant one stay in the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

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