Horizon Forbidden West: Introduced some details on the new machines

In Horizon Forbidden West it will be vital to know these details about the skills and weaknesses to hit, as the new machines will be more dangerous

Horizon Zero Dawn was a PlayStation exclusive received in a more than positive way by the majority of users. This first chapter appears so much appreciated that some rumors have even made us think that it may be in the works a VR version of the game, although it doesn’t seem like it’s not really an adaptation of the title, rather a separate episode. Both in September and at the end of October Guerrilla Games has released several interesting details inherent to Horizon Forbidden West, and in addition to them just today a new post has been released on the PlayStation Blog where the designer of the Machines Blake Politeski Blake describes the skills and weaknesses that will characterize the machines.

Horizon Forbidden West: new cars, weaknesses and abilities

The new machines Aloy will have to face in Horizon Forbidden West will definitely be more ferocious of the previous ones: among the beings to be fought there is the Solcasole inspired by various types of primitive reptiles and birds, its vulnerable stage appears when it is found ad absorb solar energy with its wings. With the various types of arsenal, Aloy will be able to defeat any machine: one of the developers declares how they wanted to make this clear through the design of the machine and textures, highlighting weak points or interacting components, so that users studied every being before deciding how to attack it.

The machines will have various weapon types and their behavior can be used to gain an advantage: some beasts will have more passive behaviors, allowing the player to stealthily reach them. An example can be given when Aloy digs for resources, raising usable dust like visual coverage. The machines will also be more furniture, able to jump, swim and climb, and this time the team will also focus on giving Aloy ways in which escape or make a plan before entering combat.

In the latest trailer it was possible to see the Tremorzanna, a real “mobile fortress”, inspired by mammoths and historians war elephants, equipped with several attacks and formed by a body covered by Weapons. With its fangs it will be able to attack closely and also has several elemental weapons: all these characteristics make it a being coveted by every war faction, despite its existence serving as a warning to humans, to prevent life from being wiped out again. Still present is the Override; an addition will be being able to set the defensive or aggressive attitude, and the machines will also be able to help involuntarily.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18, 2022 on PS4 and PS5. Keep following us on TechGameWorld.com for more gaming news, and check out the Instant Gaming store for new games at a discounted price.