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Horizon Forbidden West is available: the press is thrilled

Horizon Forbidden West is available from today, and to celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated exclusive, Sony has released a trailer with feedback from the main newspapers. As you can see from the video, which you find below, the reactions of the critics were enthusiastic, with excellent marks and enthusiastic reviews; a nice milestone for the boys of Guerrilla Games.

Horizon Forbidden West is available

We remind you, about Horizon Forbidden Westwhich we also do Tech Princess we had to try it extensively, to find out more we refer to our review, which outlined the profile of an excellent open world and worthy heir of Horizon Zero Dawn, net of some edges regarding the narrative sector and in the gameplay loop.

To celebrate the game’s arrival on the shelves, Sony also took the opportunity to launch a large themed marketing campaign, which in Italy brought a real statue of Aloy, the protagonist of the game. In the rest of the world we have seen a great deal Clawstrider in London and the huge digital advertising in London, to underline how much Sony wanted to do things big on this tour.

A choice that is not surprising on the other hand, especially if we consider how successful the first chapter of the series has been, which has been able to sell the beauty of twenty million copies since its launch, which took place in 2017. Sony has managed to make Aloy a true icon of the brand PlayStationa feat certainly worthy of note, especially when we consider the young age of the Horizon franchise.

In short, Forbidden West has just come out and already promises hours of unforgettable entertainment, it is no coincidence that the game is considered a guarantee by lovers of Sony exclusives.

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