Horizon Forbidden West: new State of Play coming?

Horizon Forbidden West: Guerrilla rivela tante novità sul gameplay thumbnail

The 2022 of Sony could start with a bang, at least according to what was declared by the well-known insider Tidux, who on Twitter stated that he is practically certain that the Japanese giant and Guerrilla Games are organizing a State of Play on Horizon Forbidden West. With its release next month, the time may indeed be ripe for some extra news about Aloy’s new venture in the Forbidden West.

Sony: State of Play su Horizon Forbidden West in arrivo?

Tidux, an insider with a good record of successful previews, expressed himself clearly and concisely: “We are now in 2022. There is a State of Play planned for early February, it will be dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West”. It would therefore be an event aimed at accompanying the launch of the game, scheduled for 18th of the month, and that would go on to rattle off different elements of the game in detail.

An important detail could be placed on the gameplay of the title, for example, with greater attention to all those aspects of the sequel that differentiate it from the first adventure of Aloy. Again, this is a rather credible prospect, given that the game has not been seen for a few months now, leaving the marketing campaign to some posts on the official website of PlayStation.

Making the rumor even more solid is the reputation of Tidux, which in recent months has repeatedly given proof of the reliability of its advances, especially as regards the Sony ecosystem. In fact, it was the series of leaks relating to the functionality of the controller that made it famous DualSense of PlayStation 5, which were then verified at the launch of the next generation console.

In short, everything seems to point in the direction of a State of Play dedicated to Horizon and for our part we can’t wait to see Aloy back in action.

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