Pixel 6 Pro will allow you to disable the ultra-wide band

Con il nuovo Pixel 6 Pro si potrà gestire l’utilizzo della banda ultralarga (UWB) thumbnail

With the Feature Drop of December 2021, Google has enabled the management of ultra-wideband – Ultra-Wideband (UWB) – on the Pixel 6 Pro. Just access the settings to decide whether to activate or deactivate the feature.

Ultra-Wideband: Ultra-wideband management on Pixel 6 Pro

La Ultra-Wideband (UWB) su Pixel 6 Pro allows the smartphone to interact with other devices, equipped with the same technology, nearby. Just think, for example, of digital car keys. This will allow you to unlock the doors without even having to touch your vehicle. A certainly comfortable and innovative system, whose management seems to be at the center of Google’s efforts. As reported by 9to5google.com, in fact, the brand is working to allow users to disable the ultra-broadband when not in use. In fact, the technology, according to the December tests, would involve numerous collateral problems (such as difficulties in receiving phone calls).

You will be able to access the management UWB from the menu Settings> Connected devices> Connection preferences. The entry will be at the bottom of the page, just below Android Auto. The feature also turns off automatically if the device is set to airplane mode.

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