Horizon Forbidden West: The PS5 version will not compromise the PS4 version

The PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West will not compromise its counterpart on PS4: word of the development team Guerrilla Games

One of the great exclusives of Sony arriving, Horizon Forbidden West, will come out in double format in this transitory entry in the next-gen: it is natural if the PS5 version, despite intending to include everyone, he will not compromise his younger sister on PS4. According to a post on the PlayStation blog, the development team wanted to dispel a false myth; despite the photorealism in the face of Aloy on the new hardware is truly breathtaking, owners of the previous flagship console will not be left out. Neither version, therefore, will prevail over the other.

On that PS5 the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West passes the test

The Horizon Forbidden West development team hasn’t denied the benefits of the PS5 version, but the PS4 counterpart won’t be left out for it. “Each generation of consoles”, the post reads, “brings with it the extra power with which to condense the polygons in our 3D models, in such a way as to add details such as the surface of the peaches, the contours and many others”. This will make, among other things, even more expressive Aloy, but the designer Bastien Ramisse has specified that the previous consoles will enjoy an “experience equally immersive”, thanks to “unexplored” resources on PS4 with Zero Dawn.

Horizon Forbidden West: The PS5 version will not compromise the PS4 version

According to Ramisse, the team has “tested the game simultaneously on PS4 and PS5”, and apparently beyond the possibility of more elaborate facial expressions (and more realistic clothing) the differences will be almost non-existent. The game will also be one of many to come out, after a postponement, in a February 2022 more and more full of new releases. The pre-order situation is not the clearest, but the general consensus among fans seems to be against the standard edition for PlayStation 5. We can only wait for “new developments on the development” of both incarnations of the game.

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