Horizon Forbidden West: Trailer shows the available side activities

A new trailer dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West gives an overview of the secondary activities that can be carried out in this new chapter

The release date of Horizon Forbidden West is getting closer and closer, now that we have finally arrived in February, a month spiced with varied but each individually important releases, including Dying Light 2, Sifu, and the highly anticipated Elden Ring. This week there has been a lot of talk about the activities going on in the PlayStation studios, starting from its brand new acquisition towards Bungie, creator of the well-known Destiny. In addition, just in these days two different State of Play have followed one another focused on the new exclusives arriving, such as the promising Gran Turismo 7 and Ghostwire: Tokyo, the latest title produced by Bethesda. And even if these two games will have to wait another month or so, the next few weeks of PlayStation fans will surely already be taken since the arrival of Horizon Forbidden West. While we wait for these last days to pass quickly, the Guerrilla Games RPG is shown again in a trailer, which goes to illustrate in general the secondary activities characterizing Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: what will be the secondary activities

After the sensational discoveries made in Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West he couldn’t help but connect directly to the story of his first chapter, keeping the agile Aloy as the main protagonist, as she faces a place she still hasn’t explored. The so-called Forbidden West certainly hides an intriguing story, and numerous fans are waiting for nothing more than to delve into the mysteries of the world created by the Guerrilla team. Still, what the game offers it is not restricted solely to its narrative and characters: Guerrilla Games has in fact wanted to show how the Forbidden West can offer numerous types of distractions, by publishing a trailer that presents the secondary activities in Horizon Forbidden West.

First of all, it will also be important in order to enjoy the story to the fullest actively participate in the exploration of new tribal cultures, traveling to the various villages and modifying their clothes, their weapons and their respective improvements. From the video it is also revealed how the different factions will be the protagonists of some secondary missions to be completed in the game: an example is the rebel tribe of Tenakth, which has outposts throughout the map to be freed. Then there will be Recovery Agreements, where Aloy will have the task of finding specific machines to obtain certain components. In addition, there will be competitive activities such as an arena in which to collide with machines, races against other machine riders, hidden areas to identify and explore.

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