Horizon Forbidden West: weight and preload date revealed

In a very short time it will be possible to play Horizon Forbidden West, the second chapter of the Sony exclusive, and some details seem to reveal the weight of the game and the date on which it will be possible to preload

We are almost at the end of the year, and we therefore look forward to the next releases scheduled for 2022. January will be a rather quiet month, with right some interesting additions regarding the PC world: users will in fact have the opportunity to play for the first time the reboot of God of War, released on PlayStation consoles, together with the entire Uncharted saga, one of the most famous Sony exclusives. But things will get more exciting once the next month arrives, with several major new titles coming out, including Dying Light 2, Sifu, Elden Ring, and Horizon Forbidden West. As for Horizon Forbidden West, it seems that some details about the weight of the game and the preload date have also been leaked.

Preload date and the weight of Horizon Forbidden West

While you can continue to watch the new game trailers and impressive visuals of Horizon Forbidden West, it will also be time to start make some space on their consoles. This at least is what you can guess thanks to the appearance of Horizon Forbidden West in the PlayStation Store database, which would reveal not only the weight it will have on PS5, but also the possible date on which players will be able to start the preload of the game. for the version of this console generation. On the other hand, the details regarding the PS4 version have not yet been revealed. Either way, the digital store database would indicate space as needed for the game to be installed a figure around 96GB, according to the source who would have discovered this particular. However, it claims that some titles in the database sometimes show more than what is actually installed, with a margin of around 10-20GB.

Horizon Forbidden West: weight and preload date revealed

This actually means the occupied space could reach 70GB, unless the additional weight of a patch per day one is already foreseen. In addition, the start of the preload could officially start on February 11, followed by the release on February 18. As mentioned initially, the weight that will have to be brought with the title for PS4 is not known. However, Guerrilla had long ago said how Horizon Forbidden West would achieve equally immersive levels of quality and fantastic gameplay. And anyway, the study offers a free upgrade for lucky PS5 buyers, in case you want to take advantage of the other features not included in the last version, such as 3D audio, fast loading and the sensations given by the DualSense pad.

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