Horizon Index è il nuovo strumento per risparmiare sul noleggio a lungo termine dell'auto thumbnail

Horizon Index is the new tool to save on car rental

Horizon Index is the new tool to save on long-term car rental thumbnail

Horizon Automotive announces the debut of the Horizon Index. It is a unique tool of its kind that will allow users to easily identify the most advantageous rental solutions available. With Horizon Index, in fact, it will be possible to view the best long-term rental fee on the webeasily accessing the most advantageous solutions available.

Horizon Index is born: finding the best rental fee on the web becomes even easier

The new Horizon Index uses a detail proprietary algorithm able to analyze average rent trends on all long-term rental offers available to online users. This solution allows you to compare the data obtained with the rental fees of Horizon. The algorithm underlying the system used by Horizon is of type “data scaping”. For the customer, therefore, there is the possibility of easily accessing the most convenient solutions, with great savings in both time and money. For more details and to test the new system you can consult the sito Horizon.

The CEO’s comment

Luca Cantoni, CEO of Horizon Automotive, declares: “We worked with planning to arrive at the Horizon Index. We are the only ones to have associated digital technology with our dealers partners and to have created a new business model unique in Italy. We are a mobility company integrated with the world of dealership that differentiates itself on the market and places itself more and more as an authoritative and innovative reference point in the automotive world ”

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