Horizon multiplayer game announced by Guerrilla Games

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Surprisingly, Guerrilla Games revealed with a Tweet that a multiplayer game set in the world of Horizon is in development

Guerrilla has confirmed that it is working on a multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe which will feature a brand new cast of characters and a new art style. In a job posting posted on Twitter, the Amsterdam-based studio revealed that a new internal team is developing an online project separate from the main Horizon chapters. As stated, gamers will be able to explore the majestic post-apocalyptic wasteland with your friends.

A Horizon multiplayer game is officially in development!

Earlier this year there was already a rumor suggesting a multiplayer Horizon game, but this time Guerrilla has officially confirmed the development of the project. The related job postings provide some detail on what to expect from this new title. It would seem that Horizon multiplayer will tell one deep and complex story, suggesting that it’s not just a simple pvp or coop game about clashes but will have much more to offer. The game will have missions, factions and backstory of great thickness, with narrative elements similar to those seen in the main series. In addition, we will have a wide variety of enemies (machines and humanoids) to focus on exciting fights with cooperative elements.

Guerrilla specified in his Twitter post that he is continuing to create epic adventures for Aloy and therefore one can think that it will come in the future the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West. This new multiplayer project won’t be the first game to expand the Horizon universe. In February, the viewer PSVR 2 will debut Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a virtual reality take on the colorful post-apocalypse world we’ve fallen in love with. For those who missed it, let’s remember that the DLC for the game, Burning Shores, was recently revealed Game Awards 2022.

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