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Horizon Worlds: Meta’s social VR reaches 300,000 users

Meta has invested in the metaverse and is getting its first results: the social VR Horizon Worlds reaches altitude 300 thousand users. An important milestone, which multiplies by 10 the users seen only last December. But can it continue to grow?

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social VR reaches an important milestone

The virtual reality social network created by Meta represents for Mark Zuckerberg the “center of our vision of the metaverse“. The company believes in it very much. So much so that he recently even showed a commercials during the Super Bowl and focused recent investor meetings on its growth.

Which is giving welcome results. The platform debuted in the US and Canada in early December for Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest users. And in three months went from 30,000 to 300,000 users. Spokesman Joe Osborne confirmed the number, stating that it is the sum of the users of Horizon Worlds e Venues, the separate app that takes care of organizing virtual events. However, the issue does not include Horizon Workrooms, which offers a virtual reality conferencing experience.

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Even before launch, developers could use the app to build virtual worlds to visit with a VR headset. According to Meta, there are 10 thousand different VR worlds which you can explore in Horizon Worlds. The community of creatives working on these projects has 20,000 members.

The increasing number of users seems to be linked to the boom in sales of VR headsets during the Christmas holidays Quest. Meta has not disclosed the precise number of devices sold, but several analysts attest to the number around 10 millioni.

Horizon Worlds does not have a large enough pool to generate revenue for Meta. But it seems on track to grow. It remains to be seen if, after the initial excitement, there will be new users continuously on the platform and if other events such as the Foo Fighters concert after the Super Bowl will be organized. We will keep you posted.

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