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Still production problems for the OLED displays of the iPhones

Still problems in the iPhone production chain. This time it’s up to Chinese company BOE, which does not seem able to guarantee the supply of OLED displays for the months of February and March 2022. The reason? Shortage of silicon chips impacts manufacturing. Nothing new, one might say. LX Semicon, supplier of BOE, will prioritize the supply of LG Display, and this will lead BOE to reduce production capacity between 2 and 3 million units for all its customers. A short blanket, which ends up discovering Apple too.

iPhone: Still supply problems for OLED displays

A recently released report claims that Apple has requested the Chinese company BOE well 10 million OLED displays. If so, it would be BOE’s first contract with the Cupertino company. And given the quantities required, this is likely to be a test to determine whether the vendor is capable of delivering quality displays in large quantities over a consistent period of time. In this regard, another report reported that the Chinese company is preparing a plant that it plans to use for the production of OLE displays for iPhones.

Despite this, Apple has yet to establish a full manufacturing contract with BOE, despite the display manufacturer having been trying for several years. On the other hand, the precedents between the two companies show that there could be difficulties in collaboration. As far as we know, the Chinese company has failed to guarantee the production of display LTPO per iPhone 13 for 2021 due to quality problems. At this point, therefore, it remains to be seen if the Cupertino company will really give BOE a second chance. For the moment we only see problems in the supply chain.

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