Horizon Zero Dawn: PS5 remake in the middle of a rumor

Braun e Bella Dentro: propongono una campagna contro gli sprechi

Even before sunset on the horizon, dawn could return to shine on PS5: speculation speaks of the remake of Horizon Zero Dawn

It is snaking in these hours a rumor to which the trade press has zealously dedicated its tam tam: the recent ones remake Sony’s (almost) equally recent titles are about to hang another blue ribbon on PS5and in this case the game concerned would be Horizon Zero Dawn. We will talk, of course, to the conditional with the same caution which we recommend to you. This new version of the 2017 Guerrilla Games masterpiece would bring the graphics back to the same level as the sequel released this year, Forbidden West. With the visual improvements, the various accessibility options of the case are also waiting for us.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remake: Will Dawn Over PS5 Forbidden West Return?

As we have seen in our incipit, that of Horizon Zero Dawn would certainly not be the first remake on PS5. L’wave of the remasters also includes Marvel’s Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted 4 and, of course, The Last of Us. The PC version released in 2020 gave the Guerrilla Games title a more stable framerate, but mostly reusing features and assets already seen in the original on PS4. The same rumor asserts that the development team was working on a multiplayer experience for PS5 and PC, which echoes other chatter already heard on the net last year.

Apparently, extending their vision beyond the simple single player was a goal for some time set by the guys at Guerrilla Games. The co-op, according to the same sources, should have appeared even in the first Horizon (with Monster Hunter-style clashes in the drafts of Zero Dawn leaked online in 2014), and then not go beyond the initial brainstorming even in Forbidden West. Sony intends to lobby for the business model of live service titles, with no fewer than 12 games planned by mid-2026. Not surprisingly, Guerrilla recently hired Simon Larouchegame designer with years of multiplayer experience (Rainbow Six: Siege, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Killzone 2).

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