Instagram dell'orrore: tutti i problemi riscontrati dagli utenti il 31 ottobre 2022 thumbnail

Horror Instagram: All the problems users encountered on October 31, 2022

Instagram of horror: all the problems encountered by users on October 31, 2022 thumbnail

Ok that’s Halloween, but Instagram is definitely exaggerating. As of 2:00 pm today, October 31, 2022, several users around the world are complaining about a generalized down of Instagramwith numerous problems, even serious ones, related to accounts. In fact, many find their profile deleted for no reason, while others are unable to log in. The lucky ones who manage to see their home complain about the inability to upload photos and anomalies in loading the feed. A decidedly out of the ordinary situation, which may not be resolved easily.

Meanwhile, as is often the case, users have flocked to Twitter, where the hashtag is currently leading the trend #Instagramdownbetween social despair and memes.

Accounts suspended for no reason

The most serious problem seems to be that of accounts suspended for no reason. Several users complain that their profile appears suspended for alleged unspecified violations. The situation appears to be widespread globally. Below is a screen of who finds the banned account.

Instagram problems October 31, 2022

October 31, 2022: all the problems of Instagram (Article being updated)

Users who manage to access their profile are having problems uploading photos and viewing reels. All this also involves a substantial decrease in engagement (interactions) and dizzying descents of views to the stories. There are no reports regarding the sending and receiving of messages. In general, the entire social platform seems to suffer slowdowns globally.

The first reports on Downdetector began at 2:00 pm and reached their peak around 3:00 pm Italian time. In the meantime, the official Twitter page of the Instagram community has recognized the down, and has assured that it is already working to understand what happened.

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