Elon Musk dissolves Twitter’s board of directors: he is now sole administrator

Elon Musk scioglie il consiglio direttivo di Twitter: ora è amministratore unico thumbnail

The first “revolutions” of Elon Muskwhich this weekend formalized the acquisition of Twitter, his favorite social network that has now become his social network and that’s it. The Independent reports that today Musk has revoked the roles of all previous members of the company’s board of directors. Doing so the Tesla boss is now sole administrator of Twitter.

The board, now dissolved, also included the former president Bret Taylor and the former CEO Parag Agrawal. Meanwhile, the first round of layoffs has begun, which will cut 25% of Twitter’s staff. And the platform revolution seems to have only just begun. In the course of today, in fact, we have already reported the alleged intentions of Musk di quadruple your Twitter Blue subscriptionwhich could pass from the current $ 4.99 to $ 19.99 per monthAnd. The subscription will also allow you to keep the blue checkmark.

Twitter: the Elon Musk era officially begins

Over the weekend, the new CEO denied rumors of a mass layoff. In fact, there was talk of cuts that would have affected 75% of the staff currently employed at Twitter. Consistent with the denial, Musk has promised that the layoffs will affect “only” 25% of employees.

Ansa reports today that the first round of layoffs has already begun. The layoffs will affect all departments indiscriminatelybut in particular they will focus on the sales and engineering sectors.

Meanwhile, last night – October 30 – with a tweet posted on his profile, Musk launched a survey among his followers asking if he should bring the Vine App back to life. This is the hugely popular platform that depopulated in 2012, the year in which it was acquired by Twitter. The app then closed its doors in 2015, after Twitter decided to abandon the project. Currently the survey, which you find below, sees the predominance of “Yes” (with almost 70% of the preferences).