Hosting provider: an alternative to the most popular

A very interesting reality has arrived on the hosting provider market that offers a new way of “experiencing” the website and digital tools that all businesses can no longer do without

For those who don’t know hosting provider they are companies that provide a sort of virtual space in which the contents of a website are placed to ensure that it can be navigated by end consumers quickly, fluidly and efficiently.

The world of websites it changed very quickly and opened the doors even to those who do not have in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Certainly for create a website, with competitive hosting prices and on a content management platform, basic preparation is still required. However, the simplification of procedures has certainly also allowed access to those who, as self-taught, want to learn how to design websites.

iSpeed: the novelty of the moment

The market today is characterized by an incredible variety of companies that offer this kind of services and, for this reason, today we present you a little known one in Italy but still very valid for those looking for alternatives to usual providers already known. If you are passionate about websites and love to keep up to date on these kinds of topics, then you could go and check out iSpeed. It is a little known reality in Italy but which offers excellent solutions for all types of businesss.

iSpeed ​​is a brand that belongs to H2M Studio Srl, a reality born from the meeting of the many years of experience of some professionals from ICT, programming and Cloud Computing. This group of experts has put their own to good use entrepreneurial skills to give life to a new user experience and a set of essential services to get your business off the ground.

Why do customers like it?

It was immediately welcomed by thousands of customers both private and coming from the world of public administrations for a number of reasons. First there is the abundance of services offered designed for businesses and businesses of all sizes. In addition, the company offers highly customizable solutions precisely to meet any business need to take online.

Specifically, iSpeed ​​is a new and innovative hosting service based on Google Cloud and offering competitive prices divided into four subscription plans. For small websites or for those who are new to this kind of systems the base floor, Copper, already offers a desk complete with ten mailboxes, a subdomain and many other functions with dedicated assistance 24/7.

Among the main features appreciated by customers we certainly mention the intuitiveness of use of the control panels and the timeliness of support to handle any eventuality. For example, the installation of the CMS to start designing the website has been extremely simplified, so a click will be enough to complete the operation. As for the iSpeed ​​security includes the database MySql, the mailboxes to give a more professional touch to your company and the SSL / Http certificate included.