Hot Wheels: the “toy car” flavored ice cream is here!

Hot Wheels has signed a collaboration with the well-known ice cream shop “Il Felice Gelato Milano”, to bring a taste dedicated to the brand

Hot Wheels is the brand that has made the challenge the main component of its DNA. Through toy cars and incredible tracks, children can experience the innate sense of challenge, while stimulating experimentation and creativity, as well as the self-confidence, necessary to face everyday challenges. For over 50 years the brand has been giving the opportunity to all fans, both large and small, not only to try their hand at breathtaking races and adrenaline-pumping challenges on mini quattroruote, but to experience the sense of the challenge also through numerous lifestyle collaborations, bringing Hot Wheels to be much more than a toy.

Hot Wheels: the “toy car” flavored ice cream is here!

For all those who want to literally savor the taste of the challenge, a sweet answer is on the way: Felice Gelato Milano dedicates a special flavor to Hot Wheels. Il Felice Gelato immediately focused on the production of a natural ice cream and free from hydrogenated fats and mono and diglycerides, made only with milk and fresh cream from the Po valley. The raw materials used are carefully selected from the best that the Italian territory can offer, from the Sicilian pistachio to the Piedmontese hazelnut to the macadamia nut, to create naturally sweet flavors, without the use of added sugars. All the flavors of Il Felice Gelato, even the water-based ones for vegans, are prepared exclusively in the local area, to create a unique and very recognizable ice cream, both for goodness and for genuineness.

This special collaboration, in progress from early June to the end of September 2021, involves the creation of a Hot Wheels ice cream flavor: childhood memories, spent playing with the famous toy cars, inspire the creation of this special taste. Free of additives and made only with natural products, Felice’s Hot Wheels ice cream is composed of one variegated spirulina algae base with raspberry jam, enriched with a crunchy part of amaretto, to satisfy the taste buds of the little ones with an ice cream whose colors refer to those of the iconic toy car brand. The “taste of the challenge” is also the protagonist of another product: a very sweet ice cream enclosed in a fragrant biscuit customized with the Hot Wheels logo in sugar paste, a harmony of tastes contained in a special pack dedicated to the brand.

Hot Wheels: the "toy car" flavored ice cream is here!

Personalized showcase and much more

Felice Gelato Milano brings the colors of Hot Wheels even inside the restaurant, through the customization of the window and the presence of a photoboot outside, thanks to which children can get behind the wheel of a Hot Wheels and take a souvenir photo, imagining that they are professional drivers ready to accept the challenge (while enjoying the legendary Hot Wheels ice cream!).

The Hot Wheels taste will be “tested on the track” in preview by a selection of influencers who will receive a special box to show to their followers, inviting them to accept this greedy challenge! Felice Gelato Milano is located in Piazza Risorgimento at the corner of Via Pisacane and awaits you for a greedy pit stop with Hot Wheels ice cream.

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