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Hot Wheels Unleashed: disponibile la Batman Expansion

The post launch phase of Hot Wheels Unleashed continues with several new features. Milestone, in fact, has published the Batman Expansion. This is a new themed DLC that introduces content from the DC Universe and dedicated to the legacy of the Dark Knight. For players, thanks to the new expansion, there will be the opportunity to take advantage of a large amount of playable content. Note that Batman Expansion is accompanied by a new official trailer that we attach below.

Hot Wheels Unleashed: Batman Expansion è disponibile

Hot Wheels Unleashed’s new Batman Expansion introduces 5 themed vehicles, The Penguin, Robin 2.0T, Armored Batman, Batman Rebirth The Joker GT, a new Track Builder module, the Joker Funhouse Split and several other items. For users there is the possibility to access the expansion dedicated to Batman starting today. Thanks to the new contents, the game is enriched by offering an even more complete experience to the players.

The expansion is included in Hot Wheels Pass Vol.1 or is it apurchasable separately. For more details you can consult the official site of the game. We remind you that the game is available on PC, via Steam and Epic Games Store, and on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S consoles and Nintendo Switch.

The new trailer

On the occasion of the release of the new content, Milestone has also released a new trailer that we attach below:

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