Trust unveils the new 2020-2021 Impact report

Trust svela il nuovo Impact report 2020-2021 thumbnail

Trust has officially unveiled the new 2020-2021 Impact report. The new report illustrates in detail the company’s path towards a more sustainable future. Over the past two years, Trust has set the baseline on sustainability, identifying various prospects for improvement. In particular, the company aims to identify the elements on which to reduce the CO2 footprint within the life cycle of the products. Also noteworthy is the initiation of a shared assessment with stakeholders to focus on the areas in which the impact of corporate action can be most significant and the measurement of the impact that the company can have on society.

Trust unveils the new 2020-2021 Impact report indicating the objectives for the future

With the’Impact report 2020-2021 the foundations for a very ambitious future program are being laid. Trust aims to give life to a circular economy to be achieved by 2040 where discarded products are collected and recycled into new raw materials. Then there is the importance of climate protection. In the new Impact report 2020-2021, Trust sets the goal of cancel the impact on the climate by 2030. The complete report can be consulted on official company website.

The company comment

Rogier Volmer, CEO of Trust International BV, states: “We are keenly aware of our role in the electronics industry in the growing problem of waste and energy-intensive manufacturing. Sustainability is not achieved overnight. It is a continuous effort, undertaken every day, in which we have only taken the first steps. We are collaborating with retail, industry and manufacturing partners to bring intelligent changes in manufacturing, processes and our product range. ”