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How and where to see the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and other competitions?

Football is always pleasant to watch even when it’s played on pitches in the suburbs. But when there are international teams clashing with each other, whether national or club, it gets even more interesting

The World Cup is a moment of great tension, so it’s better if the matches are shared. To the next soccer world cup Mancini’s Italy will be missed, for the second consecutive edition, but it will still be exciting to watch the competition on TV. Let’s see together how to do and where to follow the matches of Italian teams in European cups.

Where to watch the World Cup on TV and streaming

Although Italy is one of the big players excluded from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, our fans want to follow the football event. In this regard, various television tools and others related to streaming put themselves at the service of enthusiasts and users: RAI, which holds the rights to broadcast live matches and live betting sites that allow internet users, not only to bet on the matches being played these days, but also to activate the “live TV” button and find out which clash is taking place live. Returning to the World Cup, the 64 matches of the most prestigious competition in the world will be broadcast on RAI in four distinct and well-divided time slots which are: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00. It will then be the national broadcaster who will tell us who will be the next soccer world champion: if Brazil, which would thus reach the sixth title, or even Germany which would join Brazil and bypass Italy. Without forgetting France, which could repeat the success of 2018. Outsiders cannot be excluded, as they become more and more numerous every year, an example among all Belgium and Croatia of the 2018 edition.

Champions, Europa and Conference League: the three club cups

If we were to ask the majority of footballers which competitions they would like to win at least once in their life, certainly the first and second place in the standings would be occupied by the Champions League and the World Cup, not necessarily in that order. In fact, these are, and with good reason, the two most prestigious events: the Champions League for the clubs in Europe, and the World Cup for the national teams. Of the same scope could only be considered the FIFA World Cup by Club. The transmission of the Champions League on television and in streaming is shared between Sky, Amazon and Mediaset. To watch the exploits of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and other teams, you need at least two subscriptions:

This is because the first two broadcasters have purchased the rights for all matches except for 16, which instead go to Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Prime Video platform.

Instead, it is easier to follow the other two European competitions. The Europa League, a tournament in which three Italian teams will start, is entirely broadcast on DAZN, which also broadcasts Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. There Conference League is fully available on NOW TV in streaming, while DAZN offers the best of the matches, in addition to the matches of the Italian teams, as well as Sky.

The absence of Italy does not exclude that this edition of the world cup could be a good show. Seeing things from another point of view, it can in fact be an opportunity to enjoy the exploits of great champions without the pressure that exists when the Italian national team enters the field.