Come funziona Battaglia per l'Olimpo, la nuova modalità di Overwatch 2 thumbnail

How Battle for Olympus works, the new Overwatch 2 mode

How Battle for Olympus works, the new Overwatch 2 mode thumbnail

Battle for Olympus is a new Deathmatch challenge in Overwatch 2 available today until January 19, 2023. This is a real free-for-all challenge for a limited time. The heroes will have to go face to face wielding the power of the gods and creatures of ancient Greece.

In Battle for Olympus, the seven heroes will be able to obtain special powers that will add to their personal skills. In addition to having Ultra divine, the heroes of Battle for Olympus interact with each other in a completely unique way.

The hero with the most overall kills during the event will receive a statue in his honor on the Ruins of Ilium map. Also, until January 19, players will be able to try their hand at special challenges to earn rewards such as audio lines, player titles, and the Winged Victory Mercy legendary skin. Even the play shop will be enriched with themed cosmetic items and exclusive bundles.

How Overwatch 2 heroes behave in Battle for Olympus

An overview of each element as well as its special powers is revealed to us on the game’s website:

Ramattra Poseidon
God Power – Annihilation

  • Insatiable Vortex is a large whirlpool that pulls in enemies and then hurls itself through the air
  • Flurry of Fists throws large water bombs that deal more damage and travel farther

Queen of the Junkers Zeus
God Power – Fury

  • It lasts 20 seconds
  • Damage dealt with Crusher has a chance to deal additional Lightning damage with skills

Reinhardt Minotauro
God Power – Seismic Smash

  • It lasts 20 seconds
  • Heals on charge and slams an enemy into a wall
  • Charge can peck up to 3 targets at once
  • Charge cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds
  • Wall slams deal lethal damage, extend god power, and reduce the next cooldown of Charge to 0.5 seconds

Roadhog Ciclope
Divine Power – Crap

  • It lasts 15 seconds
  • Massively increases in size, gaining 600 health
  • Instead of the Ultra’s usual fire, it throws boulders that deal massive damage
  • Melee strikes deal 5x damage and knock enemies back

Pharah Ade
Divine Power – Rain of Fire

  • It lasts 20 seconds
  • Can move during ultimate
  • Rocket launcher fires three-headed rockets
  • Fuel consumption of Thrusters greatly reduced
  • Kills heal Pharah and extend the duration of the effect

Widowmaker Medusa
God Power – Thermal Goggles

  • While aiming, enemies looking at you are petrified

Lucio Ermes
God Power – Sound Barrier

  • It lasts 20 seconds
  • You can always jump again after jumping off a wall
  • The push can always slam enemies into walls, dealing additional damage and briefly stunning
  • Movement and attack speed significantly increased
  • Unlimited ammo
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