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The Kobo Clara 2E review: Waterproof, eco-friendly and awesome

New year, new eReader for all reading enthusiasts. We want to start this month in the best way with the Kobo Clara 2E review, a small but interesting jewel in the world of eReaders. Simple, compact and full of surprises, the Kobo Clara 2E literally blew our minds. If you are thinking of making a gift to pamper yourself a little after these tiring holidays, this little device will certainly be for you.

The Kobo Clara 2E review: Waterproof, eco-friendly and awesome

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Whether you are casual readers o real bookwormseReaders like the Kobo Clear 2E they are the perfect accessory for you. eReaders are the perfect solution if you love reading at any time of day and wherever you are because they are little ones, compact and they can hold your entire library and more.

The Kobo Clara 2E joins its predecessor, the Clara HD. Despite having reduced the screen size to 6 incheshas been updated to the most latest eInk technologywhich guarantees an almost paperless and intense reading experience.

Kobo has also listened to its users and granted their wishes: so, if you also crave read by the pool or in bath tubnow you can because this device is completely waterproof. Also, if you are a lover of audiobooks start charging your headphones because the Kobo Clara 2E boasts the Integrated Bluetooth which will allow you to listen to your favorite books wherever you want. Last but not least, this is the first device made with recycled plastic.

Main features of the device

The screen has a resolution of 300 dpithat offers crisp texts e brilliant. The screen of this new model has been updated with the latest eInk Carta 1200which makes it fast e reactive when flipping through the pages, almost as if we were reading a paper book. There are also numerous settings that allow us to adjust fonts not size.

The Clara 2E however it does not have a landscape mode. However, if you are not used to reading in landscape mode, it certainly won’t be a problem for you.

Il design it’s perhaps our favorite look ever. Kobo Clara 2E boasts a textured back which allows users to better grip the device; it is also made with the85% recycled plasticof which the 10% goes to the oceans. The device is available in only one color: the front is black while the back is ocean blue.

Kobo was kind enough to provide us with one as well SleepCoveralso made with recycled materials, orange in colour. However, if orange is not your favorite color, fear not, because you will find it other colors available. The SleepCover is a lot comfortable; it allows us to to protect our device but, above all, do yes stand thanks to a clever system of folds and magnets. This allowed us to put our Kobo on the desk and flip through the pages while sipping a cup of tea.

More features and experience

KoboClara2E Bathtub

Compared to its predecessor, the Kobo Clara 2E boasts a dual 1GHz processor, 16GB of internal memory e 512MB in RAM. Also, as mentioned earlier, the device is now completely waterproof; this means you can read at the beach, by the pool or even in the bathtub. The Kobo Clara 2E indeed has a IPX8 degree of protectionso it’s waterproof up to 60 minutes in up to two meters of water.

As for the battery life, we can say that Kobo has not disappointed us. Sure, you have to keep that in mind listening to audiobooks all day the battery could be particularly affected, abandoning you faster than expected. However, if you can divide your times well, the battery of the Kobo Clara 2E boasts over two weeks in duration.

Another interesting feature of the device concerns in fact the audiobooks. The Kobo Clara 2E doesn’t have built-in speakers; in fact, you just need to use the Bluetooth function to connect your wireless headphones. We took advantage of this feature to listen to an audiobook and we can say that our experience was interesting. There connection was quick and theaudio was clean and intelligible.

Among other features we find the possibility of find out the meaning of a word clicking on it and holding down; we can then add notes e save quotes, setting up e tidy up the brightnessespecially during nighttime reading sessions and save items.

In fact, the device boasts the integration a Pocketa service that lets you save articles you want to read later for later.

Finally, if you have downloaded the Kobo reading app on your smartphone or tablet, it will automatically synchronize with your eReader, so you can continue reading your favorite book even if you have left the device at home. Also the Kobo digital library boasts numerous eBooks and audiobooks so you’ll literally spoiled for choice.

The Kobo Clara 2E review: In conclusion

Il Kobo Clear 2E it’s an incredible device and has everything you could ask for. IS waterproofis made with recycled plastic and it’s piccolo, compacte easy to carry. To the gorgeous SleepCover allows us to read in comfort and safety and offers to our device additional charm – e color.

One aspect that we would like to underline, and that we have appreciated compared to Amazon’s eReaders, is the power button. Kobo has well thought of putting it in the rear inside a small basin, very comfortable and useful. In this way we will not risk clicking by mistake on the power button when we hold the device.

In the end, audiobook support it’s what sets the device apart from its Kobo siblings. The Kobo Clara 2E is a cheap device but which it boasts high-end features. So if you are looking for an alternative to Amazon, we can say that Kobo Clara 2E is the perfect candidate.

The device is priced at 149,90 euro. For more information, you can consult the official site.

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