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How Covid affects the training of the defending champions at the Six Invitational 2022

Let’s find out how Covid affects the training of the defending champions at the Six Invitational 2022, Ninjas in Pajamas, and beyond

Also in this 2022, Ubisoft organizes the official Rainbow Six Siege tournament, from 8 to 20 February despite the considerable difficulties dictated by the Covid emergency, to allow professional athletes to show off their skills in this tactical video game that after seven years after its debut, it still involves a lot of professional and passionate players. E-sports tournaments like this one are now taking on the prestige of traditional sports competitions and there are more and more fans who, as explained on, regularly bet on these events.

It is therefore no surprise that the Brazilians of Ninjas in Pajamas, defending champions with a prize pool of one million dollars to accompany the coveted trophy, have been interviewed recently and have made some very interesting statements.

In a context similar to what we are normally used to seeing for interviews with the champions of the highest categories of professional football, the questions address issues such as the meaning of being a professional in the world of video games and what implications it has to be at the top after the Six Invitational 2021, in a pandemic context from which the world is struggling to escape.

Tendering strategies and approaches: what differences between professionals and public servers

From the voices of the outgoing champions, we learn that in relation to public servers the prevailing theme is the desire for fun of the many who simply want to play, without continuity or a program. The professional, on the other hand, plans the game, with the aim of obtaining results, prizes, economic awards, fame. At the base of any success, a great deal of preparation and organization is required.

When asked about their program for approaching the 2022 championship and what the desired improvements were, the champions replied that before each match there is a preparation phase on a server for about two hours, where they study the tactics to use for the approach to the opposing team.

At the end of the session, after the necessary relaxation, what happened is analyzed to better understand and improve or correct the strategies adopted by both teams.

We then move on to directly apply what has been analyzed in a new game, facing another team to test corrections and improvements. This happens almost every day in preparation for official tournaments.

The Covid emergency has meant that the tournament will be played in Stockholm, Sweden, whereas previously it was expected in the equally icy Canada, behind closed doors.

How Covid affects the training of the defending champions at the Six Invitational 2022

The absence Does the audience affect professional players?

For the Ninjas in Pajamas, but also for the other professional players, the absence of fans is a relevant factor, as it greatly reduces the emotional impact of these competitions generally played in large arenas. They themselves declare that they suffer from the lack of the public, so much so that this element has had negative influences on their sporting performance.

In addition, they also lost their coach to Covid, so Andre “BOB” Cardoso had to replace Jair “Mity” Soares at the last minute, who joined other positives from the Elevate, Natus Vincere, Team Empire teams. , Furia Esports and Oxygen Esports.

Although a remote connection with their coach would have been possible by regulation, the Ninjas in Pajamas preferred the substitution, which however did not prevent their defeat in the first round against the Koreans of Sandbox Gaming 1 to 2.

The last question to the Ninjas in Pajamas was about the change in preparation for the world championship, in which they participate as defending champions.

The Brazilian players remained very buttoned up, not wanting to risk revealing tactics or strategies that could favor the next opponents, always confident of being able to repeat the success of 2021.