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How do scam SMS work and how are they blocked? Panda Security explains it to us

How can I block SMS scam? What are these strange messages that you receive every now and then? Panda Security reveals all the secrets and offers us some advice to defend ourselves.

How to block scam SMS? And what are they?

Each user, at least once in their life, has received a unwanted text message which promises a awarda crociera gratis or one rate of the light particularly convenient. These are the SMS scamsent by criminals for steal personal data and stealing user savings.

This type of message is also called smishingthat is to say phishing by SMS. Panda Security states that these messages are aimed at deceive the recipient e persuade him to disclose personal data of the login credentials a un account online.

They often contain a link that leads to a fraudulent site and structured to record the data that the unsuspecting user enters. Other scams, on the other hand, try to attract attention with promises of big winnings o earnings.

How does one become a victim?

Luckily it is not enough to open e light the spam message to become a victim. To become such it is necessary click on the link o on the attachment and ofenter your data on a fraudulent site.

Scams can vary a great deal, so it is useful to know the main so you can identify them. Panda Security has identified six main threats:

  • The scam of the withheld package – example of message: “Hi, your package has been held at our shipping center. Please follow the instructions here: [segue link fraudolento].“
  • The blocked current account – example message: “We have suspended your bank accounts on suspicion of fraud. To unlock them please follow the following link [..] Thank you.”
  • You have won a prize – sample message: “Dear Euronics contest winner, we are pleased to inform you of the award release. Select your product here: [segue link fraudolento]”
  • Account security issues (Intesa San Paolo) – example of message: “Dear customer, there is a problem with your account. To continue accessing the apps it is mandatory to update the data at the following link. Yours sincerely, Intesa San Paolo. “
  • INPS message – example of message: “Bank transfer order from INPS with identification number 08124880 failed. Correct your data. “
  • Message from the Ministry of Health on the Green Pass – example of message: “Your green COVID-19 certification appears to be cloned, to avoid blocking, verification of identity on the site is required.”

How to recognize a fake text message

  • The message is not relevant: the user has no reason to expect the message received, which is not related to any activity undertaken in the last few days.
  • The message conveys some urgency: in the text an emergency is communicated and it is requested to intervene as soon as possible to avoid disastrous consequences.
  • The sender is an unknown number: The number is not in the phone book or contains fewer digits than a normal phone number.
  • The SMS contains spelling and grammatical errors: in most of the examples chosen by Panda, the smishing messages are poorly written both from a stylistic and grammatical point of view.
  • The message contains a suspicious link: Fraudulent links often start with the HTTP prefix (without the final S) or are short URLs like ly or simulate the authentic company name by inserting other words or letters.
  • Don’t worry though, because Panda Security offers us some advice to reduce the chances of receiving scam messages.

    • Disable advertising communications by the companies and shops you shop at;
    • Download call blocker apps like Hiya o Number four;
    • Do not reply to unsolicited messagesnot even to ask to stop receiving them;
    • Don’t click links contained in messages from unknown or suspicious senders;
    • Don’t share personal and financial data via the link of an SMS;
    • Don’t share online phone number and email address, for example to participate in offers or access content behind paywalls;
    • Update periodically the phone’s operating system.

    For more information you can consult the official site.

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