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How I Met Your Father: a pleasant cameo displaces the fans

The cameo of an iconic character, in the second season of How I Met Your Father, took fans of the mother series off guard

Much to the excitement of fans, one of the most beloved characters of How I Met Your Mother returned in the second season of How I Met Your Fatherwith protagonist Hilary Duff. In Italy, the second season is still unpublished, which is why, if you are a fan of the series and you don’t want to spoil the surprise, we advise you not to continue reading. If, on the other hand, you are curious to know which historical character awaits you in the new episodes, we are about to reveal it to you.

A special return

Probably no one expected it, yet it happened. One of the most loved and irreverent characters of the TV series has returned to enrich the second season of How I Met Your Father with his sympathy and his charisma. In fact, in the first episode, the beloved Barney Stinson, protagonist of How I Met Your Mother, also known in Italy as How I Met Your Motherreturned in the second season of the spin-off, played as always by Neil Patrick Harris.

It was Hilary Duff who announced, while maintaining a certain aura of mystery, this great return:

I might lose my job if I tell who it is, but we will have a special guest from the original cast this season. Working together has been a dream come true.

In the previous months there had been much discussion about these statements, trying to figure out which historical sitcom character he was alluding to. The most likely candidate was not Barney, but Ted Mosby. This is due to some statements made by Josh Radnorits interpreter:

I had a pleasant email exchange with Hilary Duff. We talked a lot about the fact that we are both the protagonists of How I Met Your… Hilary has said publicly that she would love to have me in the series, so I would not pass up an invitation.

How I Met Your Father: a pleasant cameo displaces the fans

How I Met Your Father: gli altri cameo

It’s not the first time that a How I Met Your Mother actor returns to play his character in the sequel TV series. Before Barney in fact, we saw the return of Cobie Smithers as Robin, as well as Laura Bell Bundy in those of Becky and Kyle MacLachlan in those of The Captain.

It is important to specify that to call the participation of these actors cameos is not accurate, it is not in fact a simple appearance, useful only to create nostalgia in the fans. The character of Neil Patrick Harris will in fact have a much more important role. Isaac Aptaker ed Elizabeth Bergercreators of the show have in fact declared:

Whenever we discuss bringing an original cast member back, we want it to have a purpose. We want to shed light on what is happening in their lives, where they are and what they are doing, but also that it impacts the story of How I Met Your Father and pushes one of our characters in a new and unexpected direction. Barney will also have a major impact on the main story.

We just have to wait for the release of the new episodes, to understand what Barney’s role will be in this second season.

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