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How much does an air fryer consume?

Let’s find out how much an air fryer consumes, what are the precautions to take in purchasing and the advantages on consumption

The air fryer is gaining more and more popularity between consumers who want to enjoy their favorite crunchy and delicious foods without having to dip them in hot oil. This appliance uses hot air to cook The foods, making them less fat and therefore healthier than traditional frying. Also, the air fryers they are also very versatile and allow you to cook a wide range of foods, from fried chicken and chips to shrimp, vegetables and much more. The energy class of the air fryer is an important indicator to take into account when choosing one type Of home appliance, since it is directly related to the level of energy efficiency reached up.

How much does an air fryer consume?

What variables does consumption depend on? | How much does an air fryer consume

There are several factors that can affect the fuel consumption of an air fryer. First, the power of the appliance is a determining element, since higher power can mean a energy consumption higher. Also, the dimension of the fryer and the amount Of food plan to cook affects energy efficiency, as a larger fryer requires more energy to heat and cook food. Finally, the type of food you cook can affect Also on consumption of energy, as some foods require higher cooking temperatures or longer cooking times than others. In general, however, an air fryer consumes less energy compared to a traditional deep fryer, due to its ability to cook food with significantly less oil.

How much does an air fryer consume?

Consumption by energy class | How much does an air fryer consume

Here is a list of the average consumption of an air fryer according to energy class from A to G:

  • Class A: average annual energy consumption less than 109 kWh;
  • Classe B: average annual energy consumption between 109 and 122 kWh;
  • Class C: average annual energy consumption between 122 and 135 kWh;
  • Class D: average annual energy consumption between 135 and 148 kWh;
  • E class: average annual energy consumption between 148 and 161 kWh;
  • Classe F: average annual energy consumption between 161 and 174 kWh;
  • Classe G: average annual energy consumption above 174 kWh.

However, it should be borne in mind that actual consumption may vary according to the appliance power, size, amount of food cooked, and other factors specific to each air fryer.

How much does an air fryer consume?

Conclusions | How much does an air fryer consume

Bottom line, one Fryer ad aria it is a very convenient choice for cooking crunchy and delicious food in a healthier way than the traditional fry. Thanks to its energy efficiency and the ability to cook food with a significantly lower amount of oil, an air fryer can help reduce energy consumption and therefore save on your electricity bill. For those who are looking for equipment with low energy consumption, there are several options on the market, such as air fryers manufactured by companies such as Philips, DeLonghi, Tefal and Ninja, which offer high and one energy class models great variety Of functions.

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