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How Pokémon Unite’s new capture and fight mode works

Pokémon UNITE introduces, for a limited period of time, one new capture and fight mode, which will allow trainers to field numerous wild Pokémon. Players will be able to take advantage of the novelty starting today and only until midnight on June 27, 2022. But how does it work? And what are the advantages?

Let’s start by saying that the capture mode is a mechanic that harks back to the very nature of the Pokémon franchise. After all, Ash and his associates roam the world to discover new species of wild Pokémon. Likewise, players will now be able to discover and capture numerous rare creatures, such as Electrode, Taurus, Playful, Avalugg, Araquanid e Drednaw. Added to these are several wild Legendary Pokémon such as Zapdos, Articuno e Regigigas. Once defeated it will then be possible to capture these Pokémon, and their icon will appear in place of that of the instrument of the fight.

What you need to know about Pokémon UNITE’s catch and fight mode

By using these Pokémon in battle, nearby opposing Pokémon will be instantly knocked back. This will ensure the player is able to adapt to the new Pokémon. Each of these will have its basic attacks as well as two special moves. If the new Pokémon is knocked out, players will return to battle with the original one. During the fight the coaches they will not be able:

  • Use a UNITE move
  • Teleport to base
  • Scoring a goal (however they can help their teammates)

Zapdos, Articuno or Regigigas will be able to use Falcecannone, Ice Beam or Hyper Beam respectively to weaken the opponent’s goal areas. We also remember that the new capture and fight mode takes place in a slightly different version of the Sea Stadium. The basic rules are the same as in 4v4 quick fights, but the shield and HP recovery granted by the team’s front goal areas will be greater. If one of the front goal areas is destroyed, a super jump platform will appear in the team base. You can also earn extra points by helping your teammates defeat wild Pokémon.

For more details, we refer you to the official blog of the game.

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