SENNHEISER clear set: TV will never be the same again

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Sennheiser’s new Clear TV Set allows you to enjoy television with superior voice clarity, with all the comfort and discreet style of True Wireless earphones.

The solution TV Clear Set by Sennheiserwas designed to go meeting different needswhich are increasingly manifested by the users. When one person wants to watch TV and the other in the same room wants, for example, read or sleep. Or when you want to listen clearly the TV, without being disturbed by background noises as the children’s play or traffic noise.

When you have difficulty understanding the spoken content of the transmission, ed increase the volume to hear better without annoying neighbors or partner. When you want one better qualityreceiving the sound directly in the headphones, without reverberations and background noises.

Sennheiser’s new TV Clear Set was attention to detail and satisfies the everyone’s needssuitable for wearers the glasses why not exercise pressure on the temples. Using one of the two earphones, you have the freedom to listen to both the TV and what is happening around you.

Light and thinheadphones true wireless guarantee use comfortable also for prolonged periods. Allowing freedom of movement like ssit down, lie down or walk. I am extremely facili to use, they turn off when not in use and turn back on as soon as they are inserted into your ears.

SENNHEISER clear set: TV will never be the same again

Sennheiser TV Clear Set: Here are some features

  • Crystal clear dialogues: thanks to the 5 levels of speech clarity that offer high frequency amplification up to 20 dB.
  • Distraction-free TV: You can set the volume of the earphones according to your hearing preferences, to enjoy undisturbed viewing without affecting others.
  • Ambient Awareness mode: You can keep listening to your surroundings whenever you want, enjoying watching TV with friends and family.
  • Comfort and practicality: Thanks to the lightweight design of the True Wireless earphones (6.9g), this solution is a revelation in terms of comfort and convenience. It does not interfere with the glasses or press on the temples.
  • Wireless design: Freedom of movement to sit, lie down or walk while the headphones stay comfortably in place without disturbing your vision.
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours of playback on a single charge. Battery life can be extended for another 22 hours with the charging case, allowing you to enjoy up to 37 hours of TV entertainment.

SENNHEISER clear set: TV will never be the same again

Other technical features

  • Connectivity to any TV: with optical or analogue output thanks to the transmitter.
  • Bluetooth: Seamlessly connect earphones via Bluetooth to watch your favorite TV, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Synchronization with video content: The supplied transmitter uses streaming technology to transmit low-latency audio.
  • Phone calls: you can receive and make hands-free calls from a mobile phone.
  • TV Clear App: For quick and easy setup, to customize settings and listening experience.
  • Locating the earphones: easy thanks to the “Find my earphones” function.
  • Intuitive touch controls: To personalize the user experience, touch controls can be customized to individual preferences, so that the earbuds can be controlled just the way you prefer.

Look at the TV a remote and wireless that get in the way, it’s not just a question of enjoying increasingly diversified content thanks to internet and all smart TVs. It is now also a way to meet the needs of those who wishor have the needof a clear and clean listening without interfering withsurrounding environment.

SENNHEISER clear set: TV will never be the same again

Distribution and price

Sennheiserin Italiais distributed by Exhibo, il TV Clear Set is sold at a price of 399,90€. What do you think of these new Sennheiser True Wireless earphones? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page and stay connected on tuttotek.

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