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How technology relieves stress

The advent of technology brought many benefits in the most disparate sectors, let’s think of the salute or to reduce stress

Precisely on this last point we want to focus to underline how the tech world takes into consideration the needs of its consumers. Therefore, if on the one hand we speak of technological stress (with reference to the frequent and intrusive use of powerful technological means in our daily lives), on the other it is advisable to pay attention to the other side of the coin and that is to show how technology can turn into a source of well-being. The technological devices available in the market they have anti-stress functions are many. Below is a selection of some devices that you cannot do without if you are a fan of technology and you want to use it for relieve stress at home.

Massage chairs

The technology it is the basis of the functioning of many of the furnishings present in our homes. It is thanks to technology that products such as massage chairs were born, faithful allies against stress that find wide acceptance. These are furnishings that have multiple functions in addition to the main one, that is to cause physical well-being e mental to those who use it. Having an armchair of this type at home is a panacea for after work, which is difficult to give up after trying it the first time. In addition to positively influencing the person’s mood, massage also has the advantage of acting on blood circulationsui muscle aches and on contractures. In this area, design has made great strides by developing models that are well suited to the style of any living room, even the most sophisticated.

App anti-stress

We cannot fail to mention the app. The reason is very simple, they are the most widespread, used and economically available technological element. Obviously the treatment of stress is to be entrusted to professionals but it is the experts in the sector who have collaborated in the creations of some app anti-stress which have met with great success. Among the most popular are those that offer different yoga and pilates programs to be followed regularly and frequently from the comfort of your home. Among the trendiest apps in this field and which have developed overseas and then landed in Italy, there are those entirely dedicated to meditation. Be sure to consider the applications created to provide advice of various types such as, for example, on proper sleep management.

State-of-the-art car systems

We want to conclude this short list with a gem that has recently arrived on the market. It is a system tested by some automotive companies that allows reduce driving stress. Its operation is technologically complex but we can simplify it: it is a video camera (obviously located in the car) capable of reading the driver’s facial expressions and recording their emotional state. Where the camera detects a stress condition it acts on some elements in order to improve the well-being of the driverfor example by intervening on the lighting or on the air conditioning system.