Come il metaverso e gli NFT potrebbero rivoluzionare la musica e l’industria musicale thumbnail

How the metaverse and NFTs could revolutionize the music industry

The prospect of a future in metaverso is leading many companies to reinvent themselves, investing in what will be the virtual worlds of tomorrow. The entertainment industry, in particular, is looking for new ways to attract fans and onlookers. We have already seen it with Fortnite, for example, a very popular Epic Games game that has hosted several concert-events. The questions to ask are therefore: Are NFT and metaverse set to revolutionize music and the music industry as well? If so, how?

To the first question, the answer would seem to be yes: the discography (and more generally the entire music industry) is always looking for new trends, also given the inconsistency of the physical recording market. On how, on the other hand, we are still open to hypotheses and speculations. However, it does provide us with practical applications AriesTechan Italian software house based that since 2014 has been developing solutions and consultancy on the most advanced sectors of digital innovation including NFT and blockchain.

Here’s how NFTs could revolutionize the enjoyment of music

“The link between marketing, music and technology is becoming more and more explicit and transparent. NFT, metaverses and immersive experiences offer new creative ways for artists to capitalize on their content and image and connect directly with fans “, says Luca Vajani, CEO of Aries Tech. “If the usefulness of an NFT still seems far away, the numbers say something else. In fact, the NFT market expects to reach 211 billion dollars by 2030 and, one of the main causes of this exponential interest, lies precisely in the attention of international fashion, sports, entertainment and music brands that have started to ride the wave of content, goods and services offered exclusively to NFT holders “.

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Luca Vajani, CEO at Ariestech

Among the practical applications listed by Aries Tech:

  • Concerts without limits: live performances comfortably seated in the living room, without limits of space and time. The musical metaverse could create uexperience modeled on the needs of each enthusiast which, live, could not be realized.
  • Direct interaction between artist and fan: the Nft are characterized by a very high customization rate. In this sense, in fact, fans have the opportunity to participate in some chat live with the singers or, at the sponsor level, it is possible to insert interactive video contents
  • A new life for collectible merchandising: from the point of view of music collecting, NFTs could represent a real world of worship for fans. Thanks to blockchain technology, these can win unique pieces by their favorite artists.

In short, there is certainly an interesting and new future for the music industry of the metaverse. In the hope, however, that the unrepeatable thrill and emotion of a real live concert will never be lost.

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