How to buy Instagram followers | November 2021

Instagram is slowly depopulating, gaining numbers even compared to Facebook. Many are wondering how to buy Instagram followers: 10 targeted tips will help you grow without spending anything!

First of all we need to specify that buying Instagram followers is a forum legend. In fact, in the dedicated forums, it is easy to find discussions on the how to buy Instagram followers but no one who really explains anything useful or how to do it! This is because actually it is not possible to buy Instagram followers officially. It is possible to carry out advertising campaigns but these are not a “direct purchase” of followers, these paid campaigns are aimed at find an audience that can find the content of our Instagram page interesting.

How to buy Instagram followers |  November 2021

However, to be fair it is possible to circumvent this “limitation” via some free applications that allow you to buy Instagram followers in some “legitimate form”. So let’s see how to buy Instagram followers!

How to buy Instagram followers: the available methods

Before continuing, a few caveats. Instagram is a social network and, as written above, it aims to connect people who frequent it pushing on common interests, so the practice of buying followers is a bit of a stretch of the system. Each forcing leads to problems, and it is good to be aware of the fact that the purchased followers are almost never definitive. The effect will therefore be inflate our profile numbers for some time and then see the increase progressively diminish to return to a situation not very dissimilar to the initial one.

The applications for buying followers on Instagram all work more or less in the same way. Meanwhile, these applications allow us to acquire followers only if we ourselves follow other people. This operation usually allows you to buy virtual credits and therefore to be able to buy followers. Some apps instead offer packages using real money. Among the many apps of this type we will bring you back to follow the most “rated” ones. These two types of applications they appear and disappear on the Play Store and are sometimes a source of viruses. Then there is the possibility of hiring a figure who will take care of the growth of your profile.

Buy Instagram followers: the social media manager

Yes, you got it right, one of the methods to buy followers on Instagram is to pay someone who adopts strategies and campaigns aimed at growing the profile. This figure will exploit the “like for like” system directly and will therefore manage your Instagram posts by also doing paid advertising campaigns, asking for sponsorships (even for a fee) to other Instagram pages etc. Practically you pay and this person will do all the work for you. Convenient isn’t it?

It is possible to find a similar figure on sites such as Freelancer and the like, sites of specialized agencies or on dedicated Facebook groups.

How to buy Instagram followers with apps

There are several applications that promise the more likes and followers. The names of these apps are misleading, they promise to do it all on their own, but they don’t really do any of that. Some simply collect the most popular hashtags and report them to you. These applications often act as a binder. However, it does not advise you which hashtags to use and which ones are more relevant than the photo you are going to upload. So it will always be up to you to understand what to put and how, with the risk of being fooled by the popularity of a tag and choose not relevant. By doing so it is true that many more people will potentially be able to see your post, but at the same time being less relevant fewer people will start following you. In fact, most of these people who will start following you after a while may stop doing it.

So let’s go back to the initial situation: we just wasted precious time for nothing! Indeed we have probably entered a crossroads with no exit. Perhaps it is better to change your path to get out of it at best, for this reason we will give you 10 targeted tips to really grow on Instagram. However if you want to give it a try, the ones listed below are the applications to buy the most famous followers.

  • Neutrino+ (Android)
  • Follower Assistant Plus (Android)
  • Super Likes For Instagram Tags (iOS)
  • Captivate for IG (iOS)
  • PicZoom (iOS)

How to buy Instagram followers via websites

You can also buy them Italian and non-Italian Instagram followers, by purchasing “packages” through some online web marketing agencies. Right away the most famous and reliable sites in Italy to buy Instagram followers.

How to buy Instagram followers |  November 2021

Buying Instagram followers: 10 targeted tips to grow

At this point you will have realized that actually buying followers or looking for shortcuts to get more fame on Instagram and / or other social networks is something that doesn’t work. There are though 10 good rules to follow to improve and have constant growth on social networks.

  • Publish regularly
    This is an important but often overlooked step. Publishing one or more contents every day leads to reach more people and therefore to have a greater number of people who pass by your profile and who could potentially be interested in following you permanently. And then at least 2 posts a day is more than 800 posts a year!
  • Observe others and publish accordingly
    On social media, fashions and trends are often created, so it would be good to try to understand every day what is trendy and what is not. Shop around and post accordingly. A trending post brings more visits than a post that didn’t follow!
  • Watch out for hashtags!
    Instagram relies heavily on hashtags, indeed we could say that it is based almost exclusively on the latter. So it becomes essential to choose relevant hashtags. Now Instagram integrates a function that says how popular the tags are. Try to figure out which tag, of the ones you think is relevant, is the most popular.
  • Create a hashtag that identifies you
    Clearly the purpose of an Instagram profile is also to become popular. To become popular you have to believe in it from the beginning and make others talk about us too. So try to create a tag that identifies you and use it under each post. Over time, it may become a trending tag and other people will use it to advertise for you as well.
  • Use recurring hashtags
    Often using recurring hashtags ensures that our audience is well targeted without having to buy already targeted Instagram followers. If we talk about video games, always using the same tag (perhaps the most popular we know) will allow users who follow it to notice us and talk about us.
  • Publish original posts
    When you post something on Instagram always ask yourself the question “why should they like?”. In this way, always think about original and unique content, always try to launch new trends.
  • Interact with the community
    As more people begin to follow you, a real community will be created that follows you. Always interact with this community! But even before that, try to get to know the environment and understand what people like even simply by asking what they prefer or giving life to simple conversations. Talking and interacting is always good: the more you talk, the more you talk about it!
  • Connect Facebook
    Linking our Facebook account can give our Instagram account a good boost. The content we put on Instagram will also be published on Facebook and therefore each post will cover a greater number of people, and the more people will see you the more likely someone will interact with your posts.
  • Use lives and stories wisely
    Instagram has been integrating the possibility of posting stories and doing live shows for some time now. The problem is that you often do live shows without having anything to tell or show and you create too many stories every day. To get the best from these tools, don’t abuse them but use them intelligently! Shoot live when you have something to say, trying to do at least one a week. And don’t publish more than 5 stories a day: too many stories can alienate the audience because they are too time-consuming to follow!
  • Consistency first of all
    These tips are all the more efficient the more they are followed consistently. In fact, growing on social networks is not easy and you have to learn how to move in various environments. Try to follow all these tips and you will see that little by little your Instagram profile will start to grow! These are all tips that aim to increase your chances of becoming someone on social media!
  • At this point you will have understood that buying Instagram followers is a harmful activity, it is much better to follow these 10 targeted tips so as to have an audience that remains faithful over time. You better use a different strategy on Instagram: 10 targeted tips will do much more than just a few applications!

    Good luck on social media!

    Keep following us on for more guides like the one on how to download music from YouTube and let us know if you liked our tips! We will update this guide explaining how to buy Instagram followers whenever there is an update on how Instagram works. Don’t forget to check in every now and then to check for any news!