How to choose a smartphone? Some suggestions

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We give you some tips on how to choose a smartphone that reflects your needs

The smartphone they are now fundamental objects in anyone’s everyday life. Indeed, they are indispensable tools both for work and for entertainment, as they have a lot of functions and also allow you to keep in touch with other people. For these reasons, many people are in constant search of the most advanced model among the many on the marketbased on the available budget and usage needs. If you’re going to buy a new smartphone, define the key features that the device should have, and then discover more convenient discount codes for tech purchases to save on your purchase.

How to choose a smartphone?  Some suggestions

The operating system

One of the main factors for choosing a smartphone is the operating system. Most of the models on the market have one of these ex works:

  • iOS: This is the operating system of iPhones and tablets. It is simple and intuitive to use, and also allows you to obtain an integrated system with other devices of the Apple brand, such as the Mac and the iPad. An interesting feature of iOS is the constant updates, often compatible with older devices as well;
  • Android: This operating system is made by Google and is installed on most smartphones of different brands, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Android is customizable by the user, both in terms of interface and functions. Furthermore, it allows you to access various contents created by the developers and published on the Play Store;
  • Huawei: since 2019, smartphones from Huawei no longer have the Android operating system. The biggest problem that arose for Huawei users was the inability to use Google apps. For this reason, Huawei has created alternative solutions, very similar to those of Android.

How to choose a smartphone?  Some suggestions

The screen

Another feature to evaluate when choosing a smartphone is the screen. In recent years, there has been a real boom in devices with large displays, ideal for watching movies, writing documents, etc. However, there are those who prefer smaller models, so that they can be easily held in the hand or placed in a pocket and purse. For this reason, it is essential consider the prevailing use what happens to the device. However, a distinction must be made between the actual screen and the screen usable: the size of the latter depends on the frame, although in more recent smartphones the frame is very thin and has less impact on the screen. Furthermore, a valid alternative is constituted by foldable deviceswhich reduce the footprint by about 50% when not in use.

How to choose a smartphone?  Some suggestions

Other factors to consider

By now smartphones have almost replaced cameras, so if you have a passion for photos you must also consider the photographic characteristics of the device, such as lens size, stabilizer, aperture and zoom. In fact, it’s not the number of cameras that determines the quality of the shots. Still, to choose a smartphone you have to consider the memorythe possibility of archive files in the cloud in a simple way, useful if you usually use your smartphone to work, and the battery life depending on the type of intended use.

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