How to choose the perfect case for your PC

You have purchased a new notebook, but carrying it around without a case can be very inconvenient and puts it at risk from possible impacts. This is why you need to know how to choose the perfect case for your PC

The beauty of having a portable PC, especially a notebook, it’s the convenience you can have in working with it. In fact, you can take a notebook anywhere. A very useful thing, especially if you are a person who travels a lot, if you work in graphics, photography or if you are simply a university student. Carrying a PC with you is comfortable. But to do this you need to take the right precautions in any case, don’t you want to damage it? Especially after reading our guide to choosing the right notebook. That’s why you need to know how to choose the perfect case for your PC.

How to choose the perfect case for your PC

Why use a case | How to choose the perfect case for your PC

But why use a case when I can carry the PC directly in a bag or backpack? Sure, it can be a solution, but a case protects the PC from impacts. The main reason why a person decides to buy a notebook is because they are often someone who travels a lot and rarely finds themselves within the walls of their own home. You may think that having a backpack is enough to protect it, but you want to put the comfort to carry a notebook over your shoulder? Obviously prices vary based on quality, whether it has a handle to carry the notebook like a bag or whether it simply has a zip. The key thing is that must have good paddingto protect your notebook from damage caused by impacts.

How to choose the perfect case for your PC

The characteristics of a good case | How to choose the perfect case for your PC

There are three key features to keep in mind when going to buy a PC case: size, transportability e padding. Even if the cases are very simple and basic, you must always remember that not all of them are suitable, you must in fact know the size of your PC and therefore get a case of the same size, neither too big to avoid making it move too much, and nor too small, otherwise it won’t fit. Then there is the transportabilitywhich is judged based on the presence of a handle to carry the case as if it were a bag or, even better, one shoulder bag, to keep your grip even more secure. Finally thepadding, which is the most important thing to consider. Good padding will protect your PC from any impact.

How to choose the perfect case for your PC


One good thing that will definitely make you breathe a sigh of relief is that PC cases are really cheap. It starts from a minimum of 10 euros up to a maximum of 25 euro. Obviously this depends on the quality of the case, the material they made it with and also the size. Often cases with a shoulder strap cost more, while those without even a handle cost little or nothing, even if you can find cases with a handle that cost as much as the latter. The important thing, however, is that you always remember the size of your PC to ensure that it fits perfectly into the space of the case.

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