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How to choose the smartphone case

Cases and covers for smartphones are not only a way to protect the device, but also to personalize it and make it recognizable

Of course, the main purpose of the cover is to protect the phone from damage caused by bumps or falls. In the next few lines we will examine the best solutions among those existing on the market.

Features and materials of smartphone cases

Cell phone covers differ from each other in terms of characteristics, materials and price. Those in silicone they resist shocks well, are light, flexible and durable, as well as characterized by a simple design, suitable for any kind of style and clothing. Silicone cases are the most common and do their job well, although they are not the best choice if the goal is to protect the phone’s display from scratches or damage. Those looking for an elegant case that goes well with a sophisticated outfit could opt for a cover in skin. The latter are particularly appreciated for their refinement, but also for their durability, as leather is an almost indestructible material. Clearly, these cases are more expensive than the others, but their appearance will certainly pay off the financial sacrifice. Then there are the cover ins hard plastic, particularly cheap, but less protective. They can be customized with photos and drawings, such as those offered by Apokin, and are an excellent solution if the main goal is to personalize your device. These cases are light and versatile, but less resistant to shocks, especially when compared to silicone and TPU cases.

Flip cases or wallets

The flip cases or wallets they are an excellent alternative to the traditional ones. Made with durable and resistant materials, they offer excellent protection and are often equipped with pockets and compartments in which to store business cards, credit cards, banknotes and documents. Compared to what silicone covers do, these are able to properly protect the display from scratches or injuries. They are more expensive than traditional cases, but offer a unique style and 360-degree protection. Flip covers offer more protection and are available in a variety of materials and colors: fabric, leather, denim, rubber and even carbon fiber. Generally, they are equipped with a clip or a magnet that allows you to close them like a booklet, protecting the device from dust and dirt.

The waterproof cases

Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts and for those who often go on a boat, these protectors are the joy of those who want to protect their mobile phone from dust, sand and water. The materials with which they are produced guarantee good flexibility and additional protection with which to keep the mobile phone away from any kind of damage. Waterproof cases are also perfect for those planning a boat trip such as those offered by river cruise Portugal. Generally, these covers are made in PVC, nylon e poliestere, materials that resist well to water, but much less to shocks. Such cases come in a variety of shapes and colors and are designed to fit any model of mobile phone. But how much does a mobile cover cost?

The prices of smartphone cases

The prices of mobile phone cases and covers vary considerably, depending on the brand, the materials used and the features. The simpler ones, made in hard plasticcost a few euros, while those in silicone, PVC o TPU, marketed by well-known brands such as Apple, Prada, Gucci or Samsung, can cost several tens of euros. Some cases can be purchased together with additional accessories such as headphones, cables, chargers, car holders and so on, in order to save on the final price. The waterproof cases, designed for those who want to take their mobile phone with them even during showers or dives in the sea, cost significantly more, being designed to keep the device safe from water, sand and bad weather. Finally, the custodie flip, made of fabric or leather, cost between 20 and 100 euros, depending on the characteristics and quality of the finishes. Anyone wishing to buy a smartphone case should take the above into consideration and choose the best option based on the intended use of their mobile phone.