How to create action figures with a 3D printer: tips from an enthusiast

We had the pleasure of holding an interview with Sergey Kovbasyuk: CEO of Figurelabs who explained to us what it means to create action figures with a 3D printer

Sergey Kovbasyuk he is a creator (as he defines himself) of statuettes related to the world of entertainment. Between films, video games, comics and much more, Sergey over the years has found his way into the production of hand-made and painted figures, reaching more and more people all over the world. His laboratory, Figurelabs, based in St. Petersburg, produces high-quality and detailed figures every day. We at had the pleasure of holding an interview with Sergey on Figurelabs and much more, and today we want to tell you about it.

From creating action figures with a 3D printer for passion, to turning it into a real job

As already mentioned, Sergey is the CEO and founder of Figurelabs. The firm, based in Russia, is focused on the production of figurines depicting the most famous characters in the world of entertainment. Scrolling through the studio’s Instagram page, we are struck to see the quality level of Sergey’s models. In addition to an excellent overall quality, the models are rich in detail and very well painted. From action figures by Star Wars in Tekken, passing through Marvel and DC superheroes, we discover together Figurelabs and a new mysterious “platform” on which our friend is working, in our interview.

Tell us your story. Where does this passion for the world of action figures come from?

Like many kids my age I have always loved video games, movies and cartoons. Let’s say I didn’t have a favorite genre, I liked Star Wars, Marvel and DC superheroes and various video games including Tekken and Metal Gear Solid. Then, one day, I found out 3D modeling and printing. Although I wasn’t quite sure which direction to take, I immediately decided I wanted to bring my favorite characters to life. So I bought a 3D printer and started studying ZBrush, a 3D modeling software, until I could produce my own models. In conclusion, the love for this business comes directly from the love for the entertainment world in general.

What were the initial difficulties of this project? Is there any advice you would like to give to those who want to start creating action figures with a 3D printer?

I think the biggest difficulty is the distribution and shipping of the action figures. This is especially true for resin statues, being particularly fragile and delicate. There are several solutions to the problem, such as filling the models with resin to make them more resistant or improving the packaging to keep the models secure and protected. To start a business like this, you must first understand these three things: what material to use, what type of paint and how to effectively package shipments. My advice is to test some free shipping to figure out the best way to proceed.

How to create action figures with a 3D printer: advice from an enthusiast

The action figure industry has become very competitive and crowded lately. Why should people buy your models?

I don’t try to convince anyone to buy my models, simply I do what I like do my best, having fun doing it. At the same time, I offer customers the opportunity to purchase the action figures of their favorite characters in a one-of-a-kind handmade edition. This is the big difference between Figurelabs and mass production, I put my heart into it.

What materials do you use to create action figures and paint your models? Do you plan to dive into mass production someday?

I am currently using the photopolymer resin. It is a liquid that becomes solid when exposed to UV light from the printer. In this way the quality of the models is really high. Once printed, the models must be washed from resin residues. Once washed, I apply Acrylicos Vallejo or Citadel primer with an airbrush. Once the statue is painted, in case it has printed different parts, I apply small magnets to allow customers a simple and quick assembly of the pieces.

I actually thought about mass production, but the idea I’m not particularly excited about it. At the moment I would like to do something more useful and functional for people, so the production of unique models remains the choice that most convinces me.

Could you (in the future) evaluate the possibility of joining an existing brand to increase your production, or do I think I will remain independent?

It depends. If I decide, one day, to dedicate myself exclusively to the printing of action figures, I’ll probably join a big brand. For now, however, I prefer to remain independent. Both options have their pros and cons, probably the best way would be the opposite of mine: to become part of a big brand and then become good enough. to be able to be independent, and then launch your own company.

We know you are setting up a platform dedicated to 3D artists who want to share their works with the world. When you talk about “something more useful and functional” are you referring to that? Would you like to tell us about it?

Of course, I would be very happy! First of all, yes, I am referring to that. Entering this world I realized that 3D artists, to sell, they rely on large platforms of stocking which, however, have big problems including the huge taxes on models, piracy and an often old and careless UI. In addition, some sites do not have some important features that would be fundamental. My mission is to correct all these errors and create a platform rich, complete and well organized.

Although he already has a solution to the tax problem, piracy remains a problem. I have a method in mind to help artists fight this problem, although it remains impossible to completely eliminate it. In addition to this, I continue to receive and collect feedbacks from artists to create the best platform on the net. When I’m done, my platform will be the best and most used, I’m sure.

How to create action figures with a 3D printer: tips from an enthusiast

We thank Sergey for this interview on his Figurelabs project and we wish him a big wish

Well friends, this was ours interviewed by Sergey Kovbasyuk, a guy who started making action figures with a 3D printer out of passion, but who really aims high. To see his works, please visit his Instagram profile by clicking here! We hope to have given you some interesting curiosities about this world, whether you are a fan or not, or at least a pleasant read. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay tuned to for more news, updates and much more about the nerdy world. Ciao!

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