How to delete an account from Facebook and Instagram

How to delete an account from Facebook or Instagram in a simple, fast and safe way? Let’s find out in this article!

Once we understand that the Zuckerberg social network is not for us, we would like to delete the account we have created, however the procedure is not so simple and immediate. Indeed, given the apparent complexity of the procedure for deleting the account, many choose to simply abandon it. This however does not allow us to delete our photos and our shared posts, therefore, it allows everyone to track us down and view our old contents.

If we are looking for help to permanently delete our profile, however, we can seek help on how to delete Instagram accounts and how to delete Facebook accounts on specialized sites.

How to delete the account from Facebook App

To delete a Facebook account from the application, you need to take your smartphone or tablet, start the social network app and access the account you intend to delete. Once this is done, press the button with the three lines horizontal, which is usually found at the top right, while on iPhone / iPad it is placed in the bottom menu, and select the option Settings and privacy. Once selected, you need to click on the Settings item. In the new screen displayed, found the section Your information on Facebook, you have to press on the option Properties and account control and choose the item Deactivation and elimination.

At this point, to permanently delete Facebook account, just check the Delete account option, click on the button Continue to delete the account and, on the Account Deletion screen, decide whether to continue using Messenger after the cancellation of the Facebook account or not and therefore opting or not for the deactivation of the messaging service.

How to delete account from Instagram App

If your idea is to delete your Instagram account from smartphone, you must know that it is not possible to do it using the social network app. However, you can do this by using the browser installed on your device.

Then start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg Chrome on Android or Safari on iPhone / iPad), connected to “Delete your account” page of the Instagram site, enter the account data you want to delete in the Phone number, username or email and Password fields and tap the Login button.

In the new screen that appears, select one of the available options (Too many adverts, Too many engagements / distracting me too much, Privacy concerns, Other etc.) via the drop-down menu Why are you deleting your account? and re-enter your account password in the appropriate field.

Finally, tap the button Delete my account permanently and press on the OK option, to permanently delete your account.