How to get Dazn for free | September 2022

Super offerta DAZN: 6 mesi a 24,99€ invece di 29,99€!

How to get Dazn for free. Let’s find out how to get Dazn for free to be able to stream all your favorite movies and TV series!

Warning: and the author of this article assume no responsibility for the use of the sites present in this guide, which is for information purposes only. We emphasize that the download of copyrighted content is illegal, as is the free streaming of on-demand sites that require a subscription: piracy is a crime.

Let’s see now in detail how to get Dazn for free and what procedures are currently available.

How to get Dazn for free |  September 2022

How to see DAZN for free

Before seeing the guide in full, let’s try to understand how DAZN works with this service.

DAZN is a subscription platform, it does not have any duration constraints, it instead has a fixed monthly fee. The costs are varied, there is the service of 29.99 euros / month also known as the Standard plan or the 39.99 euros / month that would be the Plus plan. Here the official link to access the promotion.

As for the subscription, it is possible to associate up to 6 devices per account, but it is also possible to use 2 of them at the same time. It should be noted that with the Standard plan you can associate two devices and watch simultaneously on two devices on the same network, while with the Plus plan you can associate up to 6 devices and watch simultaneously on two devices on different networks.

How to watch DAZN for free with Tim Vision

Then we have the TIMVISION Football and sport offer to see the sport of Infinity + and DAZN for 29.99 euros / month.

How to get Dazn for free |  September 2022

How to see DAZN for free with a free month

Unfortunately It is no longer possible as in the past to activate a free 30-day trialhowever, you can activate the function called “Invite a friend to DAZN”, and this allows you to obtain through the invitation system a promotional code for up to one month free for each new user.

Once you have created a profile, to invite someone you can easily go to Menu, at the top right, select the My account option from the opened menu and access the section Invite a friend in DAZN. At this point, you can copy the personal link by clicking on the two sheets icon and manually share it with friends and acquaintances. It is also possible to do this with Facebook, via private message, just select the Facebook option, click on the Send to a friend button and, if necessary, log in with the credentials associated with your account and, in the Send a message screen, just select the friend in question. The invitation code can only be shared with people you know who are over 18 and resident in Italy. It is also important to know that invited users do not have to be a DAZN subscriber or have been in the last 12 months.

How to see DAZN free forever? A new way to save on your subscription

To see DAZN, the only way is to create a subscription of course, and to do this you can choose between one of the subscriptions that I reported to you at the beginning of the article, from this link you can access the creation of an account and the choice of the subscription from Do. But there is a way to share the subscription to save on the latter.

Thanks to GamsGo it is possible buy, at a ridiculously low price, a DAZN subscription (and not only) shared with other users of the platform in an easy, fast and safe way. Find out more on the official page of the site.

Good vision!

That’s all for this time too. If you are interested in other streaming content also take a look at our guide for Prime Video or Disney Plus.