How to get more YouTube comments

How to get more YouTube comments to boost your comment feed? Let’s find out in this guide!

In recent years, a new type of channel has emerged on YouTube. This type of channel is none other than that of comments, in which the creator of the channel chooses a topic and analyzes it. The topic could be a social media community, a recent phenomenon, something in the news, or anything related to its niche. These channels have become so popular that you will now find many new creators looking to take advantage of their success. An effective way for these cases is to get engagement from the best site to buy YouTube views which will make them as competitive as the original channels.

However, if you’re just starting a comment channel, you need to start from scratch. Once you’ve got everything set up, you can visit Stormviews, which is the best place to buy YouTube views, to start growing your community. In this article, you will learn how to create a successful comment channel on the platform.

# 1 Get the proper equipment

The first thing you need is to get all the necessary equipment for creating your content. For example, you need a camera, a microphone, and some lighting equipment. If you don’t have a space you like, you may also need to set up a green screen. Apart from this, you will also need to install some editing software, where you will create your videos. Once you have all of this, you can start planning your content and then go to the best site to buy YouTube views to promote it.

# 2 Create the perfect space for your vlogs

Commentary videos are created in a vlog format. This means you need to create a beautiful space where you sit and talk to the camera. If you are reacting to other videos or events, you may also need a screen in your space. Keep in mind that your space should be a representation of your personality as it will become an instantly recognizable element of your content. When your video appears in front of new users through the best place to buy YouTube views, they will instantly recognize your comment style from your background.

# 3 Find creative ideas for submitting your comment

As we mentioned earlier, this particular niche has become very popular in recent years. For this reason, you need to find a unique element for your videos. Your comments should have a specific feature that sets them apart from all other videos your competitors post. This way, you will be able to stand out and grab the attention of your target audience. When you know what makes your comment unique, you can target the best audience for your channel by visiting the best site to buy YouTube views.

# 4 Find your unique niche

A comment channel can have a wide range of topics. However, if you want to be successful, you’ll need to find the specific sub-niche that works for your audience. By focusing on one topic, you can create insightful comments that your viewers will find useful. Plus, this strategy allows you to attract the same users over and over again, thus making your relationship with them even stronger. If you want to find more users in your sub-niche, Stormviews, which is the best place to buy YouTube views, will be very useful to you.

# 5 Find topical topics to comment on

A smart trick to get more views on your comments is to pick the trending topics right now. For example, if there is an event like the Grammys or the Oscars, you can post your comment as soon as it airs. This way, you’ll take advantage of the hype these shows have built, thus gaining more views and potentially more subscribers. When you invest in topical content, you also need to promote your videos even more so that they reach a large audience at the same time. For this reason, going to Stormviews, which is the best site to buy YouTube views, is highly recommended.

# 6 Be yourself

The comments you post become popular thanks to your personality. Your viewers like to watch your content because they love your comments. For this reason, you shouldn’t try to please everyone. Your true self will be enough to attract the right audience who will support your every endeavor. Of course you should be prepared to get some hate comments, but that’s only part of building an online career. Only creators of authentic content manage to form communities that have been active for a long time.

# 7 Promote your videos on social media

Nowadays, if you want to promote your content, you have to use all your social media platforms. There, you’ve already garnered a different audience than you have on YouTube. Therefore, by promoting your content on social media, you can reach more users and get more views. Within YouTube, the engagement you get from the best place to buy YouTube views is enough to reach a large audience.

# 8 Find what your audience wants to see

When you first create your channel, you don’t know what your audience really likes. To find out, you need to start creating different types of comments. Once they’re live, notice your audience’s reaction to find out which one gets the most attention. When you find what your audience likes, it will become easier for you to attract even more similar users.

# 9 Optimize your videos for YouTube search

Finally, you need to optimize your videos for YouTube search. SEO is very important in getting your videos to reach users who are looking for specific topics on the platform. For this reason, you need to do a thorough keyword research to get a list of primary and secondary keywords. So, you need to include some of them in the script, title, description and tags of your videos.

How to get more YouTube comments

If you create a successful comment channel, you will enjoy a profitable online career. You can kickstart your efforts via Stormviews which is the best site to buy YouTube views.