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How to mine Bitcoin securely with your mobile

You want to know how mine Bitcoin on your mobile, also taking care of safety? Let’s find out in this article

Many are aware of the potential of Bitcoin, because it is one of the most interesting digital cryptocurrencies, among the first to be made available. These currencies can be used on different platforms and allow you to perform numerous activities, such as payments through the network.

Not everyone knows, however, that Bitcoin can also be mined through a normal smartphoneusing a device with iOS or Android operating systems, with the opportunity to mine these cryptocurrencies through simple apps.

With some smartphone applications it is possible to mine Bitcoins in a very simple way, taking advantage of all the useful features to obtain numerous advantages from this activity. Just download the apps, like the one we will see below, from the Google Play Store or the App Store. One such mobile application that you can use to mine Bitcoin is CryptoTab. Let’s see how it works.

What is that

CryptoTab initially presented itself as simply an extension of Google Chrome. To this one could then add the cloud mining service. Today, however, it is an app in its own right, which gives the possibility to mine Bitcoins while we proceed with browsing the web.

Cryptocurrencies are in fact created through a process called mining. So the computer does nothing but perform complex calculations to have the possibility of obtaining, in favor of the “miners”, a reward consisting of virtual currencies.

So CryptoTab is an application also available for Android, which, while we browse the internet, simply and completely free of charge, allows you to create Bitcoins. Specifically this app we’re talking about runs the Monero mininga virtual currency that was made in 2014. Payment is made in Bitcoin.

How does it work

The fundamental principle that underlies the operation of CryptoTab is what is called in technical jargon mining pool. It is a huge mining container, which uses the power shared with many computers. In short, collective calculations to be able to earn more Bitcoins.

To use CryptoTab, simply set the device to perform the work and, while we surf the net, we safely mine Bitcoin.

Payments are made twice in the day and this is definitely one of the reliability reasons to use this app we are talking about.

How much can you earn

Now let’s talk about the earnings, because the ones that can be obtained with this application could be really interesting. From the tests carried out by the Prestiti e site on CryptoTab, with a smartphone, the hash rate corresponds to approximately 1,500 h / s. This is approximately $ 0.1 per day.

However, we must keep in mind that there are also multipliers, which give the possibility of increase the earning possibilitiesupon payment of a small monthly subscription.

It is also possible to purchase an annual subscription, for example to use five mobile phones, and apply the multiplier to all devices, to increase possible earnings.

On a practical level, two methods can be used to earn Bitcoins with CryptoTab. The first is to use the mining browser. Instead the second uses the reward system through sponsorships.

However, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration to be able to understand how much the earnings are. Among these elements to take into consideration are the power of the CPU, the power we want to set, the number of referrals, and finally, another very important factor, the power of the referrals’ PC.

However, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make money is to bet on number of members. In fact, with CryptoTab we can build an affiliate network to earn more.

Based on the new users we manage to bring to the network, we can earn more Bitcoins. And if the users we have brought are able to bring more, a pyramid scheme is activated that allows you to earn up to a maximum of ten levels.

Useful tips

Just keep the application open to be able to mine Bitcoins. Everything is extremely easy and safe. All we have to do is go to the Play Store or the official website of the application to download.

There is also one Pro version of CryptoTab, which gives the possibility to be immediately operational. Among other things, this Pro version we are talking about is also particularly efficient. After downloading the app, we can also log in using our Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

It is advisable to do this, so that our balance is always kept safe. In fact, it could happen that we accidentally delete the application and, if we have not kept the Bitcoins on an account, there is a risk of losing them.

If, on the other hand, we have logged in with Facebook, Twitter or Google, our earnings will remain safe. Even if we accidentally deleted the application, all we have to do is install it again and log in with the credentials of the profile we initially used to register.

According to the indications of the company behind CryptoTab, as a useful advice there is to withdraw the money when it reaches an amount of at least 0.0004 Bitcoin. Theoretically, it would take a few months to collect this sum and the amount we have considered corresponds to about 4 dollars. Anyway everything it can be variable and it must be related to the time in which we keep the app open on a daily basis.

Is it worth installing the app?

In general, some wonder if this app is really worth installing, CryptoTab, to mine Bitcoin and make money. We can say that the answer is yes, since CryptoTab turns out to be really convenient.

Unlike what some believe, it is absolutely not a scam, on the contrary we can say that this application represents the safest way to mine Bitcoin with your mobile phone. Reading the review of Cryptotab’s, confirms the safety and goodness of this application (or rather browser) that allows you to browse and earn in total peace of mind.

Users will also benefit from some advantages that make a difference. First of all they experience a certain speed and lightness, can sync multiple devices. The app interface is very intuitive and can also be customized, for a use that corresponds more to needs and preferences.

The advantages, therefore, are so many and anyone can try to earn in Bitcoin, even using a simple smartphone.