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How to monitor the menstrual cycle thanks to iPhone and Apple Watch: our guide

Thanks to iPhone e Apple Watchit’s possible monitor the menstrual cycle using the app Salute and the function Cycle tracking. Useful functionality for those who want to predict their period of menstruation, but also to keep track of fertility days. Not only that: it is also possible to record the duration, the intensity of pain and other details of the menstruation useful for your health.

How to set up period tracking on iPhone

  • Open the app Salute on the iPhone and select Browse from the menu below.
  • Select Cycle tracking.
  • screen cycle monitoring 1

    3. Select Start under Set Up Cycle Tracking.

    4. A pop-up will warn that you will receive forecast and notification as well as your cycle history and remind you about privacy and security. Select Avanti.

    screen cycle monitoring 2

    5. A will appear calendar which will ask you to record when your last period started. Select the appropriate date and select Avanti. You can skip this step if you don’t remember or want to start tracking from the next period to make sure you have an accurate count.

    6. Enter the duration in days how long your cycle usually lasts and select Avanti.

    7. Enter how much time typically elapses between each cycle. If you’re not sure, you can skip this step and let the Health app determine that over the next few months. But try to use your best guess. Then tap Avanti.

    screen cycle monitoring 3

    8. If one of these factors can affect your cycle (you are pregnant, breastfeeding or using contraception), select the appropriate ones from the list. Otherwise, select Nobody Of these. Then tap Avanti.

    9. Choose which ones data want to track, including cycle predictions, cycle deviation detection (so you’re alerted if your cycle history shows a pattern that isn’t clinically expected), and cycle notifications. Tap the slider to right to activate them or to left to disable them (they will all be pre-selected by default). Select Avanti.

    screen cycle monitoring 4

    10. If you are trying to conceive, you can also select Fertile period estimates, Fertility record and Sexual activity record. Tap the slider on the right to turn one (or all) on, or leave it off by default if it doesn’t apply to you. Select Avanti.

    11. You will then be guided through three pages explaining how the cycle tracking function. A solid red circle shows a logged period, a small purple circle shows logged information, such as headaches or cramps, and a light red circle shows a prediction for when menstruation is likely to occur. Touch Avanti to move between these explanatory pages e Done after looking at the third page.

    screen monitoring 5

    12. You can now review the data in the Cycle Tracking section of the Health app. You will see light red circles on days when your next period is due to start, and below In evidencethe day your next period is likely to start.

    13. Here you can also manually enter information about the period in Add menstruation in the upper right corner.

    screen cycle monitoring 6

    How to record period tracking from Apple Watch

    1. After setting up cycle tracking in the app Saluteyou can record when the Menses or start having symptoms right from the Apple Watch.

    2. Tap the app icon Cycle tracking on your Apple Watch. You will see a graphic and if you scroll down, you will see Period, Symptoms and Spotting with “+” signs next to each.

    3. Scroll down to see the expected period date and the date of the last menstrual period. Use the left and right arrows above to scroll to a different date if you want to log in on a different day.

    4. Select from the three options and tap the “+” sign to add data. In Period, you can select There was flow, No flow and choose if it was Light, Medium or Intense. Select Done in the upper right corner.

    5. In Symptoms, select from a wide range of options. Tap the circle next to each that applies and select Done in the upper right corner.

    6. In Spottingselect Had losses if this applies and select Done in the upper right corner.

    9. The information will now be logged in the Health app and you can view it there as well.

    More useful information about the Health app

    In addition to the solid red and light red circle with stripes indicating menstruation recorded and menstruation expected respectively, there are other indicators if you have selected fertility information. This includes a blue oval to show your fertile window of six days and a light purple oval to show your estimated ovulation day.

    Not only. If you are concerned about your period and would like to discuss it further with your doctor it is possible export cycle history of a year directly from the Health app using the feature Export PDFs.

    You can easily log tracking data directly from the Health app or directly from the Apple Watch. If you activate the notificationsyou will receive a notice of memorandum to let you know when your period is approaching so you can prepare accordingly. The app will also learn over time as it determines your cycle, length over time, period length, and more.

    L’app Salute was introduced in watchOS 6 and works with all Apple Watches dating back to Series 1. It also works on all iPhones, from iPhone 6s or later with at least iOS 13.

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