Braun: Here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day

Braun: ecco alcune idee regalo per la festa del papà

Father’s Day is getting closer and closer and Braun offers us some great gift ideas to say “I love you” to our father. Let’s find out together

If we were to ask who our favorite superhero is, surely many would answer “Pope“. Both in happy moments and in the most difficult ones, the family is always an important point of reference and often mum and dad are not just parents, but friends and confidants we can count on. In every situation they try to do the best for us and we too must reciprocate their constant commitment. Here because Braun proposes us some gift ideas for Father’s Day which can be excellent for any type of style. At bottom, each superhero has a particular style, just like our fathers.

Here are Braun’s gift ideas for Father’s Day


The new Braun Series 9 is the electric shaver equipped with the most advanced technology and designed for offer a perfect shave in one stroke. Thanks to the special technology AutoSense the razor detects the thickness of the beard and adjusts the power of the motor. The intelligent display is able to communicate with the user giving him feedback after each shave and allowing him to have full control of the razor.

The handle has a particular coating in three very thin layers which gives the razor an attractive appearance and a pleasant sensation to the touch even after many uses. Furthermore, depending on the model the product can be equipped with a Clean & Charge cleaning station the most advanced alcohol-based system that cleans, sanitizes, recharges and lubricates the razor. Finally, there is a hard case, perfect for carrying the device even when traveling.

The Series 8 is the novelty in the field of electric razors: the perfect one combination of the Series 9 design, discreet but captivating, and the impeccable performance of the Series 7. The ergonomic curved handle and the perfect positioning of the display, combined with its being waterproof, allow for easy use and optimal grip under any circumstances. There Intelligent Sonic Technology, thanks to 10,000 micro-vibrations, creates a bearing that allows the razor to slide more easily on the skin e la tecnologia AutoSense adapts the motor power to the density of the beard 13 times per second. Finally, there is a hard case, perfect for carrying the device even when traveling.

For a close and even shave, even in hard-to-reach areas, the best choice is the Series 7. The revolutionary testina Flex a 360° is completely flexible and guarantees a constant contact with the skin, adapting to the contours of the face and neck and reaching even the most difficult areas for a close shave. The razor is equipped with the special AutoSense technology which detects the thickness of the beard by adapting the power of the engine and the tecnologia EasyClick which allows, with a simple click, to transform the razor into a multipurpose device, adding accessories such as, for example, the trimmer for an overgrown beard or the precision trimmer.


Whether it’s a stubble or a very thick beard, maintaining your style is very important. Braun MGK7220 gives you the possibility to decide your own style from head to toe, being a 10 in 1 device. The trimmer, rechargeable e Wet&Dry, has one Li-Ion battery lasting 100 minutes, allowing you to achieve any desired look. If you are one of those men who likes to change styles from time to time, this tool is perfect.

It is also perfect for any type of beard and suitable for the whole body, thanks to the main trimmer with metal head and AutoSense motor, which allows you to detect the thickness of the beard and adapt the power of the motor to offer a better shaving experience.

Anyone who has tried the BT7240 he knows: cutting a beard takes a lot of work and a good device is what you need for a precise look. Thanks to his cutting-edge performance, the styler is not only fast, but also more effective, allowing you to get precise results in record time. With 39 different lengths and an ergonomic grip, it is perfect for any type of hair.

In short, the company has provided us with gift ideas in abundance. Whether your dad has a full beard or not, Braun always has clear ideas for a Father’s Day gift. Speaking of ideas, you’ve read the latest novelties presented on the occasion of the 100th anniversary? If not, I invite you to read our article. What do you think of these devices? Will you give someone away? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news regarding the universe of electronics, continue to follow the pages of!

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