How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

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Taking the practical exam for the motorbike nowadays presents new standards that not everyone knows, these standards consist in the increase in speed of execution of the dexterity test to 50 km per hour and the distance of the pins in the exercises remains unchanged between a exam and the other, however it is better to remain sure by asking for information from the driving school or the ACI offices

Before taking the practical exam for the motorcycle, you must first equip yourself with a series of bureaucratic material in order to receive it permission to take the test. In reality, as boring as it may seem, it is not that difficult to access. In fact, to be able to take the exam, you will need a few things that are easily obtainable, just arm yourself with a bit of patience and above all true desire to ride the motorbike. Here is what you will need to access the final exam:

  • A helmet
  • Theory manual provided by the school
  • Pink sheet for the A driving licence
  • Stamp duty payment receipt for the practical exam

Motorbike driving exercises | How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

To arrive prepared for the practical exam and pass it, perhaps riding a nice Harley Davidson, you obviously need to practice riding with the motorcycle itself. In order to access the practice exercises, you will need to have one patent A and you can request it directly from your trusted driving school. In these exercises, the driving instructor will have to follow the candidate in the car and communicate with him with the use of a headset. The Highway Code requires that these exercises must be carried out in less frequented areasfor the safety of pedestrians, as well as other road users such as motorists, cyclists and other motorcyclists. The candidate’s safety must also be preserved, which is why the exercises are carried out in industrial areas, parking areas and areas with few inhabitants. In the event of an accident, insurance covers any damage.

How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

Slow motorcycle driving test | How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

Once you get the hang of driving, you can request access to the practical exam for the motorbike, paying the relevant stamp duty. The exam is divided into two types, again in reference to the legislation that came into force on 2 January 2019. The first challenge to face is the slow test of driving the motorbikethe execution time must be at least 15 seconds. The candidate must keep his feet stable on the platforms and avoid them touching the ground, otherwise he will be failed. During the test, he will have to perform a gymkhana between five pins, after which he will face a 180 degree left turn around a pin and finally enter a narrow corridor with a width of 1.3 meters and a length of 25 meters.

How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

Quick test of driving the motorbike | How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

The second and final challenge to face is the fast driving test of the motorbike. This test must be completed within the time limit of 25 seconds and the speed must correspond to approx 50 km per hour. Examiners can verify the duration of the test through a specific test photocell system that interacts with a terminal. The Civil Motorization Office identifies the candidate by entering the personal details into the terminal to ensure that everyone present on the track sees the screen. The counting of seconds begins as soon as the candidate passes in front of the sensor, at which point he will have to perform a fast slalom around five pins. It must respect the sequence of curves, i.e right-left-right-left-right. To complete the test successfully, he will have to stop the front wheel in one special area delimited by four pins whose distance must be a square of one meter on each side.

How to prepare for the practical motorcycle exam?

Failing the final exam: don’t despair!

We highly recommend that you prepare well for the practical motorcycle exam and agree to take it only when you are really sure that you have mastered it. However, failure can happen, perhaps in the fast driving test, which is the most difficult one. Maybe you exceeded the 25 second time limit, or maybe you touched one or more pins or missed them. The examination is failed in any case in which the candidate stops without respecting the requirements regarding times and distances. Failure also comes when you put your feet on the ground instead of keeping them on the platforms. To repeat the practice exam you will have to wait a minimum amount of time from one day to a month. In any case, don’t despair! Everyone fails, just get back on track and try again until you pass the exam.

DO NOT FORGET!: it is absolutely recommended to downshift to better calculate stopping times and ensure that the test ends with a positive outcome. Thank you for following us this far, we at wish you good luck! Stay tuned to our site so you don’t miss anything else from the world of motors.