How to recognize the best bonus betting sites

In this article we will see how to recognize and find the best betting sites that offer bonuses to be able to play our favorite games without spending a cent. Let’s see the details

Betting sites are the simplest and most immediate way for gambling enthusiasts to get involved and win with their bets. They are also a meeting point with many other people who share this passion. The basic principle of a bet is simple: an attempt is made to guess the outcome of an uncertain event – like a sporting event – betting money on the result. The prerequisite of the bet is therefore to invest money. But that’s not critical as there are many bonus betting sites out there. These sites offer del free credit to players in exchange for simple actions such as participation in a specific event. This means that through these sites it will be possible to play for free. But how to recognize the best ones?

How to recognize the best bonus betting sites

Bonus Betting Sites – A Closer Look

There are many different types of bonuses. The most common is certainly the welcome bonus that most betting sites offer. In essence, it is a free sum, generally of a small amount, which is credited at the time of registration to the platform. Then there are the reload bonus. These provide for a cashback on the actual top-ups made. For example, a 20% reload bonus will allow you to earn 20 euro of extra credit on a 100 euro reload. Then there are the bonuses linked to particular wagers: Many sites offer bonuses for particular events or combinations. For example, you can receive free credit by betting on a particular sports competition.

But how to find this information? Sometimes that’s enough enter the home page of betting sites to locate the banners advertising the bonuses. However, these may contain only partial and incomplete information. The second strategy is to search search engines and specialized sites for the best active bonuses. In fact, there are many platforms that constantly monitor active promotions on betting sites and collect them in one place so that users can compare them and make their own ratings. In addition, many aggregators offer promotional codes that allow you to access additional facilities and bonuses.

How to recognize the best bonus betting sites

Evaluate the bonuses

Bonuses must be evaluated based on not just the monetary value, but also to the frequency with which they are proposed and ease of access: is it better a one-off bonus of 50 euros or 10 bonuses of 10 euros spread over a year? Then there are bonuses that can only be spent under certain conditions, for example within a certain time or only in certain games or in correspondence with a particular event. Obviously these are less palatable than the promotions that can be spent freely. Some betting sites even allow you to withdraw the credit received for free from your virtual account!

However, we must consider that nothing comes for nothing. Very often, in exchange for bonuses, personal data (see welcome bonus) or an advertisement on social channels are required. So we must also evaluate the negative sides access to bonuses on betting sites before deciding whether to use them or not. An important thing is always and in any case the reliability of the site which can be guaranteed by the AAMS certification.

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