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How to refuel at the self-service

Petrol is essential to allow the car to walk and let us drive in peace and often we all willingly rely on the petrol station to refuel us, but there is another way to do it even cheaper: here’s how to refuel at the self-service

Driving on the road always requires refueling, whether it is a diesel engine, diesel engine or hybrid, there is always a need for fuel to power the car. Before talking in detail about today’s topic, we want to bring you back to this guide to save petrol. Now, in most cases, drivers refer to a gas station to help them refuel the car. However, refueling at the self-service station can be much more convenient because there is no surcharge from the petrol station attendant who does the work for you. Now let’s find out together how to refuel at the self-service!

How to refuel at the self-service

Refueling with cash | How to refuel at the self-service

The first thing you need to do is bring the car close to the correct distributor, remaining at the right distance so as not to have problems while putting fuel in the car. Pay maximum attention to where the tank filler where you will have to insert the fuel is located, to avoid having to move the car again and so waste unnecessary time. Once you are sure the car is in the correct position, follow these steps. First of all turn off the enginethen open the tank flap to add fuel.

At this point unscrew the cap (in some cases you need the key), then insert the banknotes in the payment column, located near the pump. Now press on the number of the station chosen to get petrol. Then go back to the distributor and take the fuel nozzle and insert it well the gun in the tank and hold down until delivery ends. Once done, put the gun back in its housing and close the cap and the door to start again. Just be careful that the banknotes are not damaged or he won’t accept them and remember that to recognize petrol there is the green colour and then the black color or other colors for diesel.

How to refuel at the self-service

Refueling with ATM | How to refuel at the self-service

You can also refuel by paying with the ATM or with the credit card. The procedure is very similar, the only thing that changes is the payment method. You just have to follow these steps to avoid making mistakes and taking unnecessary risks. Here are the steps to follow: once you have turned off the car and unscrewed the cap, go to the payment column. At this point insert the debit card or card into the slot and enter the codice pin. When you are done, withdraw your debit or credit card once the payment has been accepted.

Select the gas pump, return to the gas station and insert the gun into the tank. There is one thing that changes now, in the procedure, something different compared to paying with cash: you can decide for yourself when the amount of fuel you want should end and then stop the flow. When you are finished, put the gun back and close the cap and door. Lastly, collect the receipt from the payment column and you can set off again. The system deducts the sum corresponding to the quantity of fuel delivered directly from the account linked to the card.

How to refuel at the self-service

The advantages of self-service refueling

Being able to refuel yourself is a crucial thing to know how to do, above all when the petrol stations are closed. Furthermore, another very important advantage is represented by the possibility of be able to save on costsIn fact, with self-service you save between 5 and 10% on spending. There are also distributors who, at set times, only offer this option. For this reason, especially if you have to face a very long journey in which you have to continually refuel, it is important to know how to use self-service.

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